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  1. Yeah, it was even bad today. The practice I go to for regular appointments got all these new doctors and I haven't been there in over 2 years so when I went in today for some low blood sugar problems I had to explain what POTS was to these people.
  2. Thanks everyone! The appointment went okay. I told them straight up I don't want to hear depression but sadly I had to explain what POTS was to this new doctor there But I'm going for some thyroid tests and another 5hr glucose test. I really hate those The stuff you have to drink the flat orange pop is gross. I barely kept it down last time but it has to be done and I have an appointment with an endocrinologist. So, we'll know in the next few weeks...hopefully
  3. So, I've been taking my blood sugar before and after every meal for the last few days and each reading is below 60. I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia when I was diagnosed with POTS but I got tons of info on how to stop a POTS episode but nothing about helping with my hypoglycemia and I never did a home reading till a few days ago only because I'm blacking out and shaking at work when I haven't had food for over 2hrs. I've noticed I'm even more tired than usual and even my POTS episodes are getting worse. I'm going to call my regular doctors tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment but I'm a
  4. My temp reading is never low but I am always cold even if its 80 out I'll be in jeans and a long sleeve. It must just be poor circulation because of the low BP...maybe
  5. Thank you! I hope your son finds better luck with doctors. I went to a school that was in the middle of nowhere with only 4 colleges in a 10 mile radius so doctors there were only use to typical college ailments. But yeah I've noticed it in so many people too but I feel more for these girls because they got it in their heads that they might be faking it. But I will definitely refer them here. This is an amazing site! Thank you! I can't believe how I made it to graduation. I was always so tired and no one there to understand. My doctor got many of phone calls from me my final semester haha! Bu
  6. I actually graduated from college. I'm still surprised I survived till the end through all the stress and no sleep. But now I'm back home and I see my cardiologist twice a year. He's so great. I wish I could go to him for everything. He's so helpful and really listens and gets it. Wish there were more doctors out there
  7. I was 19 but I was having episodes since I was 16.
  8. Hello everyone, So I've had POTS since I was 16 and I'm 22 now. It started after I had mono. At first I thought it was still the mono bothering me but the doctors said it wasn't and the mono was gone. So I kept everything to myself and became good at hiding my episodes and acting normal during them. The doctors just said I was faking it to get attention so I didn't want people to keep thinking that. It wasn't till the summer after my sophomore year of college. It was the day after I came home. I did my usual morning routine. I sat up in bed for a few minutes, stood up slowly, then stood there
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