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  1. Alright I suppose from a GI standpoint she's on the fence when it comes to weight, I can't stress enough that this is based solely from a GI standpoint. The problem is other things need to be factored in and once you do her current weight is actually holding pretty well considering. I just don't understand the thought process behind choosing ensure, if eating has been making her feel bad, well more so than she already does ensure isn't the best one to go with...Not to mention they are insane if they think any patient would eat a whole tray of hospital food. If possible try and get her somethin
  2. Anyone looking for one affordable and decent should check out the different Vibratone models. From what I've been researching it's a very reliable brand. The more expensive brands just come with extra features. All the machines work the same no matter what the brand or price is as long as you make sure you're looking at one that vibrates the whole body.
  3. Sorry I'm only replying now my schedule been a little off (has been for years) I went for a walk at 5:30 in the morning trying to get some exercise before it could get too warm outside. It worked to a degree but it was still rather hard on my body I had to come straight and and run an ice cold bath. I fell asleep not long after. Getting back on topic... I have not heard anything about this from anyone with POTS specifically but I have come across a select few with other forms of Dysautonomia who use it. I've also gotten feedback from a couple individuals with heart conditions. Everyone I do k
  4. It's been awhile since I've checked the forums. Things had gotten hard and I'm only just getting back in the swing of things. In the last few months a lot has happened. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, honestly I wasn't surprised. I had suspected as much. On the plus side I've made sure I'm aware and in tune with everything I have been feeling physically. It's paid off to. The one thing I noticed that gives me relief whether it from the FM or just the flu like feeling that come with a POTS attack isn't a hardcore pain medicine. Two words muscle relaxant. OMG was I surprised with th
  5. I just want to thank everyone for your kind words. Reading all of your comments has really helped. It is comforting to know I'm not alone in this. I have decided to make my way through the rest of the semester and go from there. I think most of you are right about doing this now at a younger age as opposed to going back a few years later. I think I'm gonna major in history. The professors in this department are so great, and I always have loved history. I was going to do the communications program but it get to confusing and overwhelming because you can do so much with it. Maybe I will minor
  6. Hey everyone. I am on my fourth semester of college. During the first two semesters I was a part time student. I have one semester as a full time student under my belt. I have done well the last few semesters despite the few setbacks my pots had presented. This semester has been a killer. My pots had risen in its intensity level over winter break and hasn't let up since. My cognitive functions have really been affected. The brain fogs are just unbelievable by themselves... My academic performance has taken a huge nose dive. Making it to my classes and completing my work is such a struggle. Mo
  7. I'm really unsure of posting this here but I think it works given the nature of this thread... So many people find that their POTS flares up after sexual activity. I feel like my sex life is over before even starting. I may be jumping the gun but examining my situation it seems that I will most likely experience the same negative effects mentioned in this thread so far. Alright now onto the primary reason for this post. It has already been established that I haven't had sex but, *cringes* slowly I have been learning the art of self pleasure. Originally I started this to see if the claim was re
  8. When this happens to me I feel like I'm in a fun house at the part where you have to climb up the stairs that are constantly swaying...maybe more like tilting? It has been a while since I last did this. Still this is the best description I can provide of what the sensation is like for me.
  9. Netti Pot all the way. It has prevented so many sinus problems for me and has also gotten rid of a few of my sinus infections. You may still have crap up there even after using it a few times. There will probably be a lot of plugs (eww I know) following this your sinuses will feel comfortably clear. That is the best way I can describe the feeling when using the netti pot correctly. You just be able to know if it's working. I don't know what I would do without mine it gives me so much relief.
  10. There is nothing like GI complications to make a bad situation worse. I have had IBD since the age of 7 they narrowed it down to left sided colitis ten years later. I won't even try to sum up everything. My stomach issues just recently got a lot better during my last year of high school. Also I can totally sympathize with the C Diff. If I have one fear it contracting either C Diff A or C Diff be. I was also one of those lucky individuals to contract both A and B at the same time. I am a really tough person but the C Diff automatically makes me lose my cool, probably because I'm antibiotic res
  11. I can't count how many times I've been put under. The doctors can't keep me under with local Anesthesia as I tend to wake up even when they use it to it's maximum. They use the General Anesthesia for my endoscopy's even. First off I get really really nauseous afterward so I have a set up where they give me anti nausea medicine as they are waking me up. I have been told that every hour you are kept under is a week in which the natural sleep schedule will be messed up. It does worsen my POTS but it settles down as the average persons sleep schedule sorts itself out. I know General Anesthesia ca
  12. First post and feeling a tad uncomfortable. Before I go any further let it be known that I say this even with a great medication setup and a kickass psychiatrist... I have been going through the same exact thing recently. I am just fed up of dragging my body around. I'm in college and I do really well but I wonder sometimes if it is even worth it. It doesn't help that I can see all the other girls on my floor make room for a social life and still finish their work. They take so much for granted. I had somewhat come to terms with everything a while ago it's just ever since college I have so ma
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