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  1. Alright I suppose from a GI standpoint she's on the fence when it comes to weight, I can't stress enough that this is based solely from a GI standpoint. The problem is other things need to be factored in and once you do her current weight is actually holding pretty well considering. I just don't understand the thought process behind choosing ensure, if eating has been making her feel bad, well more so than she already does ensure isn't the best one to go with...Not to mention they are insane if they think any patient would eat a whole tray of hospital food. If possible try and get her something that's appetizing. I don't want to alarm you but in this situation if things don't progress as they like and she doesn't drink the ensure or eat the food they may start considering tube feedings. Don't bring this part up because god knows what they would do if this was mentioned right now. Now don't be alarmed most likely it won't come to a tube I just thought it worth mentioning so that you won't be caught off guard if they do in the future. Here's what I think...If it's just nausea I'd say find someone to prescribe anti nausea medicine and have her take it 20 minutes before she plans to eat (I recommend zofran) Now I can't promise this will work but considering there are more important things than her eating habits that need to be checked out. If it does work and it enables her to eat get her something other than hospital food. Oh and really go nuts on the salt a few pounds of water weight still counts even if it's just fluid. If it doesn't work well I don't know because this always does work for me. Tell her to keep hanging in there. If it makes you feel any better if respectable GI doctor got wind of this an eating disorder wouldn't even register on their radar, in fact they would scoff at the current attack plan and come up with a new one.
  2. Anyone looking for one affordable and decent should check out the different Vibratone models. From what I've been researching it's a very reliable brand. The more expensive brands just come with extra features. All the machines work the same no matter what the brand or price is as long as you make sure you're looking at one that vibrates the whole body.
  3. Sorry I'm only replying now my schedule been a little off (has been for years) I went for a walk at 5:30 in the morning trying to get some exercise before it could get too warm outside. It worked to a degree but it was still rather hard on my body I had to come straight and and run an ice cold bath. I fell asleep not long after. Getting back on topic... I have not heard anything about this from anyone with POTS specifically but I have come across a select few with other forms of Dysautonomia who use it. I've also gotten feedback from a couple individuals with heart conditions. Everyone I do know that does this or has done it can't stop gushing whenever I bring it up, so that's got to count for something. As far as standing for the indicated ten minutes I noticed that most of the machines I looked at have something grab onto so that the person using it doesn't vibrate off, so for me I would just lean on those if I have to and if the vibration does what it says eventually I shouldn't need to anymore. Also ten minutes is roughly the same as jogging for an hour or something similar to that. So even if you don't last for the full ten minutes you can at least rest assured that your body did something. I'm pretty sure that's supposed to happen. The important question is, was it a good kind of weird or a weird when it's making things worse? Now I haven't done it for myself yet but I hope to get started soon. I want to try it out somewhere first, if I like it and think it's worth the price I'll buy one of my own. I think they sell one that's around $150, I don't know if it holds up like some of the other models. I know there's a real reliable one that sells for $350. I'm getting a head of myself though. I'm more inclined to try it few times and watch how things progress. I'm a firm believer in the saying that things have to get worse before they can get better but that's just my outlook things. The fact of the matter is that this could help better a lot of what's keeping from living my life without medication. No meds! That's just something I have to try. I mean what's the worst that could happen? Don't answer that. I'm still compiling a bunch of information and data on the health benefits of Vibration Therapy. I'll post a masterlist as soon as I can.
  4. It's been awhile since I've checked the forums. Things had gotten hard and I'm only just getting back in the swing of things. In the last few months a lot has happened. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, honestly I wasn't surprised. I had suspected as much. On the plus side I've made sure I'm aware and in tune with everything I have been feeling physically. It's paid off to. The one thing I noticed that gives me relief whether it from the FM or just the flu like feeling that come with a POTS attack isn't a hardcore pain medicine. Two words muscle relaxant. OMG was I surprised with the relief I got. The only reason I found this out was because I did something weird to my back and I couldn't lay down or sit without pain. Since then I went to a pain doctor and he wrote me a prescription for the muscle relaxant. Now it doesn't solve everything, not by a long shot. However it's a start. The next bit has been a real issue as of late. Losing weight and exercise, this is proving to be the biggest pain in my butt. I can't tolerate the exercise on a good day and in this heat I'm not gonna risk doing something stupid. So I played Defying Gravity on repeat and scoured the web looking for an answer to my troubles. I think I may have found what I've been searching for. Vibration Therapy. You just stand on the thing for ten minutes and let it vibrate (I initially rolled my eyes) here's the thing, even though you're just standing on the plate the vibrations it produces cause you're muscles to contract 20-30 times a minute and your body does this subconsciously. I was skeptical at first but than I started to read everything I could get my hands on regarding it. I asked around and only heard good things about it when looking at the sources that would be the most accurate. Still I wasn't sold I mean you how the media is these days. Then I read the health benefits. There have been clinical trials that proves it increases bone density making it drug-free treatment for osteoporosis. I have Osteopenia that hasn't responded to anything I've done so this makes the whole thing more appealing. Supposedly it also relieves chronic pain. A ton of people with FM say they've gotten relief using this. Honestly I'm willing to try anything that isn't a medicine at this point, thus it starts to look even better to me. Here are the things that it does that I think would appeal to anyone with POTS. Vibration Therapy with use also: -Helps you to stand taller, longer. -Gives you more physical stamina. -Makes it easier to get up and down from a sitting position. -Increases blood circulation. -Lowers blood pressure -Reduces inflammation. -Boosts energy levels. -Stimulates the neurological system. In my opinion this could kill 4 birds, maybe even more, with one stone when it comes to my health. It also does wonders for your physical appearance,(or so I'm told) That's why it has such a bad rep. It was first introduced tot he public as a way to loss weight without putting in the effort. For people like us though we need a way to get exercise without exerting ourselves. I did want bring up something about the dentist but that's something for another day. I think I've already covered enough for now. Sorry for this post of epic proportions, It just I have discovered a lot in the few months I've been absent
  5. I just want to thank everyone for your kind words. Reading all of your comments has really helped. It is comforting to know I'm not alone in this. I have decided to make my way through the rest of the semester and go from there. I think most of you are right about doing this now at a younger age as opposed to going back a few years later. I think I'm gonna major in history. The professors in this department are so great, and I always have loved history. I was going to do the communications program but it get to confusing and overwhelming because you can do so much with it. Maybe I will minor? I seem to be making progress with both the back work and the current assignments so that is encouraging. I will keep everyone updated on how things go. Once again I want to thank everyone so much for the input.
  6. Hey everyone. I am on my fourth semester of college. During the first two semesters I was a part time student. I have one semester as a full time student under my belt. I have done well the last few semesters despite the few setbacks my pots had presented. This semester has been a killer. My pots had risen in its intensity level over winter break and hasn't let up since. My cognitive functions have really been affected. The brain fogs are just unbelievable by themselves... My academic performance has taken a huge nose dive. Making it to my classes and completing my work is such a struggle. Most of my professors get it, not the pots just the situation it puts me in. They don't question my faith in their classes because they can see how much of an effort I make. Still I feel like such a failure... I'm a people pleaser. I smart enough to realize that this will one day be the end of me. With the way things are I can barely please myself let alone others. That doesn't mean I won't destroy myself trying. I don't cry easily but as of late I find myself dissolving into tears a lot more frequently. The thing is I'm the only one that can make the decision of whether or not too stay in school. I am very stubborn person and I tend to just keep trying. I don't like to give up and as a result I never do...I can't decide at which point I should call it. I feel like I'm making a bad situation worse. At what point is it not worth it? I alone literally won't make the decision. I can't make this call without some input and I figure who better to ask than others that have or have had a lot of the same troubles I do. I'm sure most everyone reading this knows first hand how difficult making it through the day is. If anyone has had any similar experiences please share! I need to know I'm not alone. Any comments are welcome.
  7. I'm really unsure of posting this here but I think it works given the nature of this thread... So many people find that their POTS flares up after sexual activity. I feel like my sex life is over before even starting. I may be jumping the gun but examining my situation it seems that I will most likely experience the same negative effects mentioned in this thread so far. Alright now onto the primary reason for this post. It has already been established that I haven't had sex but, *cringes* slowly I have been learning the art of self pleasure. Originally I started this to see if the claim was really true that it could help with another one of my illnesses. This has been going on for over a year and I defiantly believe I'm way past the beginners stage. After all this is a thread for those who have already experienced the full act, From the perspective of this thread I have gone far enough to feel I can post...if that makes any sense. The thing is I find it really helps me feel better (the hormones released maybe?) It is not painful at all in fact it feels really good. I mean just because I can tolerate self pleasure doesn't mean the same applies for when I go all the way. Yet I have done enough that I am pretty confident I won't have problems. Yes my POTS symptoms do intensify but they return to normal 15 minutes later. Nothing bad enough happens to make me feel the need to stop. So yeah...If anyone wants to state an opinion please do.
  8. When this happens to me I feel like I'm in a fun house at the part where you have to climb up the stairs that are constantly swaying...maybe more like tilting? It has been a while since I last did this. Still this is the best description I can provide of what the sensation is like for me.
  9. Netti Pot all the way. It has prevented so many sinus problems for me and has also gotten rid of a few of my sinus infections. You may still have crap up there even after using it a few times. There will probably be a lot of plugs (eww I know) following this your sinuses will feel comfortably clear. That is the best way I can describe the feeling when using the netti pot correctly. You just be able to know if it's working. I don't know what I would do without mine it gives me so much relief.
  10. There is nothing like GI complications to make a bad situation worse. I have had IBD since the age of 7 they narrowed it down to left sided colitis ten years later. I won't even try to sum up everything. My stomach issues just recently got a lot better during my last year of high school. Also I can totally sympathize with the C Diff. If I have one fear it contracting either C Diff A or C Diff be. I was also one of those lucky individuals to contract both A and B at the same time. I am a really tough person but the C Diff automatically makes me lose my cool, probably because I'm antibiotic resistant to it. The three top GI docs at my hospital came up with a 'cocktail" to specifically to keep me C Diff free. I have had so much trouble with absorption of nutrients and get really bad empty stomach syndrome. So I went and asked my doctor about the possibility of getting a G tube. He looked at me really funny because he he hadn't brought that up and I was practically begging him to do it. In the end I ended up doing this and it helped so much. You really never know how much eating right for yourself affects you until you have the full experience. So think about this. You and your doctor can come up with formula to help you get all your nutrients without feeling absolutely awful. I swear by the G tube. This brings me to Ceiliac. Both my GI doctor and cousin have this. Cheating on the glutin free diet is worse than having icecream even if you are lactose intolerent. My cousin always shudders when I ask about what would happen without her diet, so I presume it is very unpleasent. I'm looking into this myself somewhat as I seem to be more sensative to glutin depending on how well I am doing. Most places have a glutin free section in the market currently. Half the stuff isn't that bad either you just need to get too know what your preferences are within this diet. I totally get where you are coming from! Granted your options are much more limited to mine. I remeber having to give up red sauce during my stomach flares. During my period I get severe cravings for sauce and don't pysically feel better until I eat some. So yeah I get it to a degree. Hope this helped. Still I feel like I went off on a few tangents...
  11. I can't count how many times I've been put under. The doctors can't keep me under with local Anesthesia as I tend to wake up even when they use it to it's maximum. They use the General Anesthesia for my endoscopy's even. First off I get really really nauseous afterward so I have a set up where they give me anti nausea medicine as they are waking me up. I have been told that every hour you are kept under is a week in which the natural sleep schedule will be messed up. It does worsen my POTS but it settles down as the average persons sleep schedule sorts itself out. I know General Anesthesia can cause problems even for the healthiest individuals. As for specifics withe POTS I noticed there was nothing in particular, all of my symptoms were just more intense. Yes it is a pain to deal with, I don't have a choice though. Oh the Local Anesthesia messed me up more...I had my worst episode of restless legs after for about 6 hours. I think it depends on the person though.
  12. First post and feeling a tad uncomfortable. Before I go any further let it be known that I say this even with a great medication setup and a kickass psychiatrist... I have been going through the same exact thing recently. I am just fed up of dragging my body around. I'm in college and I do really well but I wonder sometimes if it is even worth it. It doesn't help that I can see all the other girls on my floor make room for a social life and still finish their work. They take so much for granted. I had somewhat come to terms with everything a while ago it's just ever since college I have so mad frustrated and resentful with the POTS situation. I have had POTS since I was really little I can just imagine how much worse it is for those who can remember a time when this wasn't in the equation. Also while this forum has been helpful for me it has done a little damage. I see other people have been living with this a lot longer and have also been worse off. Then I read the posts on here... it is hard to think that my sex life could be over before it even begins...this thought just reminds me of the other things that are or will be impacted at some point. I keep reminding myself that every individual is different...but still. All of these things make me want to throw in the towel and give up at trying for a better quality of life and quit while I'm ahead. When I push myself I just get even more sick yet what I can do while not pushing myself does not consist of a lot. I'm 19 I should be experiencing the best time of my life right now and instead I'm sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else. It is so discouraging and I ask myself all the time Wait! Why am I even doing this to myself? I always have this drive to prove that I can be successful despite the hand I've been dealt. This drive won't go away and at times I believe this will be my downfall. I'm still fighting...I have no idea why but I'm a person who just goes with the flow, even when it is known to be unpleasant. I would honestly worry someone with POTS if they haven't felt like this at some point. At some point in time it's bound to happen, maybe even more than once. It's a natural reaction to a condition that presents someone with such a cruddy life situation. Just remember you are not alone! Take comfort in this thought, I know I do.
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