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  1. Hi to one and all! I'm new here and I had a question for y'all that I was hoping to get, well, any kind of thoughts on. I was dx'ed with Neurasthenia/Dysautonomia 2 years ago (at age 34), but I've suffered with it since at least High School. Lately, as I've re-connected with some of my old High School friends, I've found that at least 3 from my graduating class of 33 (yes, a whopping 33 - our hometown is only about a thousand people on a good day) have remarkably similar symptoms, and that a number of others from classes around ours (plus or minus a couple of years ahead or behind) also have similar symptoms. I know of the genetic link, but is it also possible for something like Dysautonomia to occur in 'clusters'. for lack of a better word. Anyhow, any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated, because I'm thinking that something just can't be right here. Thanks so much and may you all be richly blessed today! *Hugs* :-D
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