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  1. I've been seeing a chiropractor for my neck pain which has helped immensely. However I am moving to NYC and was wondering if anybody had any chiro recommendations. My old guy was really good, very cautious,etc. I have always been a bit skeptical about chiropractors and extremely cautious because of the POTS, so any NYC recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi Recently I've heard more and more about how B12 deficiencies cause/ exacerbate POTS symptoms. 4 years ago I had a slew of blood tests and my B12 levels were one of them - my level was 300. I've read a bit about this and it seems that this is definitely on the low end; however my doctor at the time said that it was all normal and back then I knew nothing about B12, so I nodded happily along. Now I am trying to get a B12 test and an intrinsic factor blocking antibodies test to test for pernicious anemia and it is a bit of a mess. The cardiologist says go for it, but they don't do that th
  3. Hi I just saw this topic - I hope it isn't too late to respond. I'm in Milwaukee and I see both Dr. Barboi and Dr. Cooley (he is a cardiologist). I don't know if you want a neurologist for a particular reason, but my advice would be GO SEE DR. COOLEY! He is really great for POTS - he knows a whole lot and he told me pretty much exactly what Dr. Grub said. I like Dr. Barboi a lot also, but he hasn't done as much as Dr. Cooley. I wouldn't see Dr. Berger. I actually saw her first when I had POTS and she misdiagnosed me and then kept telling me that the meds she had prescribed were working
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