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About Me

I have been experiencing auto-immune problems since I was a teenager, but after giving birth in 2006 I developed dysautonomia. I have POTS, Pelvic Congestion and working on an MCAD diagnosis. I am pretty sure all my auto-immune symptoms have always been some form of MCAD all along. I currently do not take any meds for POTS, because I am allergic to them. I take zoloft, zrytec and ativan. This keeps me somewhat under control, but not nearly enough.

Brighter things in my life are my two beautiful children. They are so loving and soo good at taking care of there mommy in any way they can. My heart is theirs. I have a very supportive husband, who truly sees me for who I am and not by what I once was and no longer am. He is my rock and I am so thankful to have him. I also have a lazy Shih Tzu named Oscar who is content to sit in bed with me all day. Oscar and I are perfect for each other, lol! I love to read, my appetite is never satiated. I meditate, I pray and fill my days with all the joys that god has created. Each moment is a blessing and I intend to revel in all that I can.

Before I became tied to my bed, I was an ongoing student and part time worker. I worked for eight years at a hospital where I was a Triage technician. I originally was finishing nursing school and then I had a microbiology course that changed my life. I changed my major just after and was finishing my degree in Biology. I wanted to do researchand become a cellular biologist. A few semesters after this my life changed and school was put on hold and so was the dream.

Today I am grateful for all the things I learned. i worked in medicine for a long time and learned alot. I also am thankful that I took that microbiology course. It would help me understand my own illness in so many ways. I feel like all my life god was trying to teach me all I would need to know to try to understand what's happening today. :)

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