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    east right hand corner of TN
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    When i was well, i was interested in going to school and studying and pharmacy, working, doing things with my kids, riding horses, listening to my favorite band 'TooL'.... I love to research anything and everything.

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I am a young women in my early 30s, with 2 precious kids. I was an A student in college, accepted as an alternate to pharmacy school and 6 mths away from getting my degree in undergraduate studies... then i got massively sick. (I've been sick on and off for 9 years, but think i've had the autonomic issues since i was a child.... however an onset of a bad case of mono 8 years ago provoked incapacitating episodes, with worsening progression each year since 2002.)

I am diagnosed with 'chronic autonomic dysfunction', 'mast cell activation disorder', 'chronic fatigue syndrome' and 'gluten intolerance'. (we are also thinking ehlers danlos and i have every symptom and more of hyper-POTS as well).

I am a humorous person. I love to make people chuckle and I am a hoot to be around, if i am well. I love to laugh, be funny, joke around, i'm very sarcastic as well. I find, i have to be that way to survive these diseases. :) I treat people how I wish to be treated. I love doing for the goodness of others, even if it means embarrassment. I love speaking. I love being a leader. I love researching. I love making a stand for purposes of truth and knowledge. I tend to take the reigns and go in all situations, if only my body would cooperate :). I have never partied before, and don't intend to, yet sometimes id like a night out, but too sick to do it.

I was 100% completely bedridden for over a year from oct 2009 till feb 2011.... the past year has reduced to around-75% bedridden, depending. So, unfortunately I am unable to make full use of my abilities. So, i either tow, or spend good time with the kids. My life has been altered considerably and it is very limited.

My favorite band is 'TooL'.... love em.

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