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  1. My flight would be around 2hrs each way. I thought I'd ask for a wheelchair upon arrival so that I wouldn't have to walk so far to the car or curb. Thanks all for the advice, this really helps!
  2. Has anyone ever flown while having POTS? I just wondered if the high altitude would cause any problems with BP or HR. Thanks!
  3. Never did I have a past history of high BP until I developed POTS. Upon standing or walking my heart rate begins to race and immediately my bp rises. I must lie down to calm it and take my beta blocker if it's close to being the right time to take it. My bp never goes low upon standing as some peoples does. Good luck to ya!
  4. Hi Liez I too have flashbacks. I have a past hx of panic attacks and anxiety that I take medication for as well. I try and remind myself that it will not last long if an episode comes on again and that better days are ahead. I do a lot of praying for strength and guidence. Self talk helps me and I do quite a bit of it when I am alone. Even in the car, no one has to know you are talking to yourself, they probably think I am singing. If I feel a flashback coming on, I will take a xanax just to feel calm and once I do, my mind is at ease instead of racing with all those scary thoughts. Hope this helps you and remember you are not alone through all of this. We all have something in common with our illness. Dixie
  5. Yes I do. I did before I even developed POTS though. Now its so much worse, with the rapid heart beat. I'll never drink again for fear I won't come back to being "semi normal".
  6. I work as a medical scheduler. I schedule surgeries and radiology procedures for a hospital. If I weren't able to sit all day I wouldn't have a job. On days that I feel horrible, I go into work because I know that I won't have to stand or walk to do my job. Thank goodness!
  7. Hello to all my POTS friends. I have a question involving alcohol. Rarely have I ever drank. Now and then a glass of wine for special occasions. However, now when I try to have a drink, my heart rate climbs and blood pressure sky rockets. Then I have the weakness and tiredness for days after. Why does it cause my POTS to act up? One glass of wine or one bottle of beer and a crisis hits me. Before having POTS, I never experienced these problems with my occasional drinking. Thanks for any responses.
  8. I drink Gatorade "low calorie". It's less sugar and quenches my thirst. It's much better than plain water.
  9. I experience the exact same thing. When I over eat at meals, my heart begins to race. I have learned to limit my intake, but sometimes its just to tempting to do. Best of luck to you! Dixie
  10. I have often wondered why bending over makes my bp rise and my heart rate to beat out of control. Everytime I am up in my attic in a bent over position, to avoid hitting my head on the rafters, I began to feel awful. I am only up there 3-4 minutes before the problems begin.
  11. After reading your post, I can relate. Everytime I am up in my attic in a bent over positing I get the fast heart rate and my bp begins to rise. I am not up there long, maybe 3 or 4 minutes, but I have noticed this happens to me everytime.
  12. I noticed your post said "Dr.Levine". Would this be Dr. Benjamin Levine? If it is, has anyone seen this dr. before? I am currently waiting to be seen by him in Dallas, Texas. Just waiting my turn you could say. Any info about him would greatly be appreciated as I don't know what to expect once I do get in to see him. Thanks!
  13. I am on Metoprolol 25mg. I take 12.5 in the am and 12.5 in the pm. It use to be 12.5 just once a day then it became apparent that I needed to increase my dosage. I am on my 3rd cardiologist, hopefully he will figure it all out!
  14. Hello all! My question is when one has the racing heart and high bp at the same time, will it eventually become lower on its own or only with medication? I get so overwhelmed when my heart is racing and my bp gets close to 200/130. I feel as if I am going to just fall apart. I sometimes have to take a "second" pill just to get it under control. I don't know how to deal with the situation when it occurs. I try to lie down but then I can't breathe. Thanks!
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