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  1. I will try the home version of the TTT - thanks for the suggestion. About two weeks ago she saw a different doctor who gave her 10 days worth of fludrocortisone .1mg. She tried these but they made little difference to her BP. I am thinking this maybe is Florinef. Maybe this was too low of a dose? I have no idea if she was checked for Addisons. I will have to see if I can find out but no one has mentioned it
  2. Thank you for letting me join in and post. I have read much of this forum and found it very helpful. I am caregiver for mid-40?s Disabled woman Veteran. I would very much like an opinion from anyone here on her symptoms as we are getting less than no help from the VA. I do realize that you are not physicians but you all know the illness better than most doctors. Two years ago Dee had a spinal abscess and osteomyelitis in her C spine. After three months and intensive IV antibiotics, she came home. She did pretty well in recovery for the first year. Then an auto accident and whiplash caused more
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