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  1. I take it, I just started and I can now sleep and my mood is 100 times better, i am excited but not getting to excited until I've taken it a month, its been 2 days LOL not really long enough to tell but I've slept so thats improvement for me!!!
  2. Does anyone know where to get some compression stockings that are a little more stylish than the kind you get at a pharmacy? I am willing to pay money for them. On another note, I put on the ones on I did get today.... and I fell off my bed trying to put them on LOL!!!! Those things are hard to get on... but once I got them on I did feel a little better... the top of my legs kind of hurt though is that normal?
  3. I haven't really felt anxious.. but the goosebumps and I feel cool... which I get all the time.. I like them though because normally I stay super hot..
  4. Lately I have been getting horrible Charley Horses (muscle spasms) in my legs at night time and its occuring almost every night. I am going to the doctor on Monday but I Just wanted to see if anyone else is having these issues.
  5. I always say "If I pass out, don't give me mouth to mouth, I'll get back up in a minute" And people always give me this face Or They ask me what type of health condition do you have and I say "I pass out" and they give me this look It's most funny when I'm driving and they are in the passenger seat LOL
  6. I had diarrhea for a while with POTS, but then it became constipation ended up going to the GI Doctor and they diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is also a common complication associated with POTS.
  7. I took midrodrine, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure but my blood pressure would drop drastically upon standing so they prescribed me the medicine, I had no issues with it except it gave me the chills but it worked for me. My doctor didn't like the medication because it was not FDA approved and had a black box warning. (Not sure what it is) So he took me off of it, I take metoporal right now and I have had no issues.
  8. When i first got diagnosed I could not drink at all, I could barely stand. After having POTS for almost 3 years now.. I've had a drink and I am okay while I am drinking but the next day I am in the bed all day and my heart rate doesn't go below 100 laying down and everything. I decided that it's best if I just stay away from Alcohol. Every once in a blue moon I will have something like my birthday but I know I am going to end up in bed all day the next day. I know that it's fun to be able to hang out and drink with your friends but sometimes you have to do what's best for you. Good luck!
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