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  1. I live in Arkansas near Little Rock. Going to EP Cardiologist soon, but I might be interested in this doctor. None of the ones I have seen have been supportive of trying to diagnose me or gracious at ALL really.
  2. Most of my friends are wonderful. My family, not so much... So I can sort of understand. I just try to not listen to all they say that just hurts me on the subject of my illness. I've enough problems just trying to survive feeling like I am dying each day. So sometimes we just have to learn to shut everyone else's opinions of us out and learn who really supports us and keep them closer.
  3. I haven't been in the sun, but if I go outside and come back inside it triggers it. :\ Also, my house doesn't have ventilation much so it can get extremely cold/hot/damp inside depending on weather. The doctors won't treat me or even have a look. I went to the ER trembling from head to toe with excruciating headache. They wouldn't even check my head, just gave me pain meds (which didn't work) and pretty much said I was crazy. Healthcare is awful here if you don't have insurance. My mom went for a small headache and they took her right in and ran all sorts of tests.....because she has insurance
  4. I feel like I am being electrocuted every day now. My brain feels hot then the electricity zaps to my muscles and they jump uncontrollably. With it comes a rush of "energy", yet I feel numb and week, but like my body wants to rush off. It isn't anxiety. It seems more to trigger when I go from sitting/standing to laying down. Laying down makes it worse,e specially when I am tired and want to sleep. My muscles physically jump. Family members touched them and said it feels like my body is trying to jump out of my skin. My head feels like someone is sitting on it when this happens. It usually happ
  5. I haven't been formally diagnosed with POTS or dysautonomia, though the doctors are finally swaying that direction after every other test has come back negative. But let me tell you...... I am tired almost all the time, for no reason at all. Sometimes my strength is there for a bit, then zaps out of me instantly, as if someone has a syringe and is sucking it out of me as I sit there. I am especially exhausted: 1. During mornings after I first wake up. 2. If it is hot or stormy outside. 3. After taking a shower. 4. After standing/walking for more than 10-15 minutes. 5. After eating meals (espec
  6. I don't know if this has to do with the extreme heat + stormy weather here (which makes it hot AND damp), but lately Ive been having those dreaded adrenaline rushes (if that's what they are) multiple times a day, horribly, for 10-20 minutes each episode a piece, even during the days when I am awake. Usually I only have them at night time during sleep or when trying to go to sleep. I honestly believe it is weather oriented. I've got sinuses and ear infections now as well as a tension headache I have sustained for about a week with little to no relief (going back to doctors for that soon). I get
  7. <3 I rely on God everyday, especially days like today when I feel so bad like I am dying, with high anxiety because my body is in so much pain. HE is the only one who does know, even when doctors do not know (I have yet to be diagnosed with anything other than GERD). HE cares when others do not care. HE understands when nobody else can! Right now I have this horrible crippling pain in my side. I don't know why. But He knows! And He has promised me complete healing in His time. All He expects of me is to wait, patiently, upon Him and trust Him. I pray for so many, and many others pray for m
  8. Heh, then a huge thunderstorm came through. I guess that answered my question why I am having them so bad lately. I always have them right before and after a thunderstorm. I just get the tingly, pressure behind eyes and on top of head kind. I don't know if that's migraine or what. My mom suffers from the same thing, but hers are so severe she screams and kicks around. I hope I never get them that bad.
  9. Ive had these before, but this has been ALL DAY LONG. Tingling on top of head and extreme pressure on head and in ears, feels like my head is full and about to explode at any moment. I get zaps to it too, feels like an electric just went through my head and makes me jump. My blood pressure was a little high but nothing too bad, so I don't know if that can be it. Still, this feeling is awful. Anyone else get this? What is it?
  10. I lose my swallow too sometimes. I get anxiety attacks only when my body is sick physically. I call it a physical anxiety, not triggered by thoughts on my part. That used to be how I knew to go to the doctor. My body would have panick attacks whenever it was sick. Then I'd be diagnosed with UTI or infection, clear it up, panick attack spells gone, etc. The fact that i do have them tells me that I do have something wrong with me this whole time. Can't wait to figure out what! Right now Im getting that strange wired rush feeling, even though I usually get it at nights. It *****. Got a headache a
  11. Another symptom I forget to mention that has me baffled. Sometimes my jaws just ache for no reason, then they "lock up"....its like my brain forgets to tell them how to move properly. They feel "stiff". I don't really know how to explain it. This can last for a few minutes up to around 20 minutes. Anxiety? Something dysautonomia related directly?
  12. My limbs are always cold, but I sweat all the time now too. I've always had cold limbs. The sweating just came on with the sickness. Used to, I could never sweat, even in hundred degree weather.
  13. I'd have about 30 cents for complete blackout/faint. But countless more if near fainting (just vision going gray/black with no hitting the floor) counted. I'd be rich then!
  14. It really bites... My mom was trying to convince me that I had a blockage somewhere, but with my symptoms, it just doesn't feel "right" to name that as possible diagnosis. It doesn't match up with everything that is going on. The reason they haven't given me medicine is because they do not know what my problem is, yet. And they don't want to 'hide the problem'. I am also, and always have been, very sensitive to medications. My body treats regular doses like overdoses at times, thats how sensitive I am. I get a whole BUNCH of side effects from anything. If its a 'may make you drowsy' type, I'm
  15. What about doing things like: Hearing airplane roar or looking at the sky for too long. Or watching things rush by as you're moving in a car. Or feeling vibrations from riding in the car. Even musick can trigger it now. Especially songs that give me that good old chill that I used to love, well now it gives me the pleasant chill, but the bad symptoms along with it. It seems every little thing triggers a little rush now. Can someone REALLY be THAT sensitive suddenly with this?
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