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  1. I always get lidocaine without ephinephrine for basic fillings and one root canal I had done. I don't get the other stuff or my heart would be racing out my chest. Hopeful you can find a solution as to what to do.
  2. Heart rates that high are usually the result of an arrythmia .. Sounds like A-fib to me it's very very common from what I have read and easily treatable once it's caught. Heart rates that high are usually from A-fib ... I would look into getting a second opinion from an electrophysoligist they specialize in Arrythmia's and the electrical conduction of the heart. A-fib comes and goes and can resolve itself during an attack on it's own or sometimes medication is needed to restore a normal heart rhythm. If you wore an event or holter monitor and showed symptoms it would have picked it up and the
  3. For me I have to turn everything off TV, lights, music, ect. or I will not go to bed those things are all major distractions. A fan by my bed and a dark room, and a cozy bed usually does the trick for me... sometimes I have to lay there for 30-45 minutes but eventually I fall asleep.
  4. Before starting a beta blocker bending over would be a chore for me when cleaning the house .. It felt like my heart would race a million miles a minute and bending over def triggered symptoms mostly tachycardia . When I would clean the house I would take several small breaks in between stop and go that is how I got the house cleaned. sometimes I would just have to sit for 20 minutes at a time get back up and do some more. My kids also help clean up so like they would hold the dust pan why I would sweep and they help vaccum pick things up ect .... It helps to have them there my kids are 9 &
  5. I have those same issues .. I can go from normal sleep 6-8 hours a day .. to 12-14 hours a day sometimes longer where I just can't get up .. and then I can't sleep at all sometimes .. I thought the effexor was causing my sleep schedules to screw up like that. I know insomnia is a side effect of the drug. If I sleep too long I wake up with the worst headaches on earth. I notice closer to my period I tend to sleep really long hours.
  6. Well after 3 days of being on bystolic .5 mg I am quite shocked it's actually working!!! My heart rates are well within normal ranges both supine and standing ... I am in total disbelief but do hope it continues to work. I haven't checked my BP but I have had virtually no side effects no dizziness ect which is so amazing because normally I get them all and then some. The only thing I notice is when I take it in the morning about 30 minutes later I feel a little sleepy. But it wears off as the day goes on. I have been running around all day doing laundry and cleaning and my Hr stays in the mid
  7. Also the fruit water like fruit20 or one of the other flavored water's are pretty good and they are sweetened with artifical sweetner's not everyone can tolerate splenda ect but it sure tastes better than regular water for a change! I also second the gatorade ....
  8. I personally never liked evian it had a salty taste to it and made me sick to my stomach. Before being medicated for pot's I use to get quite nauseated from water it would make me gag and then I would throw up. Certain foods like peanut butter and jelly made me sick too. It's very strange. Sometimes if you drink too much water that can make you feel nauseated too.
  9. Thanks for your input!! I noticed after I took the second half of the bystolic .5 my heart rate is staying in the low 90's while upright. I hope it continues. I am actually pretty shocked that I have not felt any side effects as of yet just a little sleepy at first and a sense of calmness. I really hope this drug can keep my heart rate's in check. Thank You again for your input!!! So far this beta blocker seems pretty mild. Compared to those antidepressent's.
  10. Hey everyone I just got back from the mitral valve prolapse center in Alabama my appointment was this Monday. Susan Philips after doing an echo, stress test and looking at my tilt table done last month and 9 years of medical records diagnosed me with Pots/Dysautonomia. She told me to stay on the effexor because it controls the dizziness and she prescribed me a Beta Blocker Bystolic .5 mg and Kolonipin .5 as needed. My question is how long does this beta blocker take to work? I ask because I started off with 1/2 of tablet 2.5 mg to be safe I know how I react to drugs but after about 2 hours I
  11. I just got back from the Mitral Valve prolapse center of Alabama and was diagnosed with Pots and the doctor there prescribed me Bystolic 2.5 mg, and Kolonipin 0.5 mg and am currently taking Effexor Xr 37.5 mg. I haven't taken the Bystolic yet but plan to within a few days so I will let you know how I do with it. I know it's one of the newer beta blockers at least here in the US.
  12. If your doing well without the meds than IMO I don't feel you should take it. The only thing is if your heart is over working itself overtime that in itself can cause problems from what my cardio told me. You don't want to walk around with elevated heart rates all the time either. So I guess it really depends on how hard your heart is working all day long. I hope your able to make the best choice for you. Good luck
  13. I wanted to add a note about the zoloft... I have never taken zoloft but I did actually try lexapro and paxil. I broke out in full blown hives with them so I stopped of course. I ended up ultimately on Effexor XR which is an SNRI similar to an SSRI only the SNRI works on nor-ephinephrine as well as seritonon. Just to let you know these medications can cause some pretty bizzare side effects when first starting them. I am on an Extended release form which I seem to tolerate much better because it's time released and doesn't all go into my body at once. They also make liquid forms of these drugs
  14. I can understand your concerns. I have never been very willing to take medication. I am one of those people who just refuses the thought of medications being pumped into my system. I have been on Effexor xr for 10 years on and off. I was experiencing such bad dizzy spells that totally ruined my life and had me in the ER all the time. Before I figured out what was really going on... my doctor prescribed me Effexor and tossed it up as anxiety. I didn't want to take it though but I just couldn't live like that so I guess I had no choice either deal with the dreadful symptoms or take the medicatio
  15. That's great you got a diagnosis! I am actually on my way to the same clinic next month June 21st! Sounds like I am going to be in good hands. I am seeing the same doctor you saw. I am glad your getting the treatment you deserve! Hope your feeling better now that you have things sorted out with your illness. And thanks for the great feedback about this clinic.
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