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Hi this is sort of my intro on the forum but also has more to it i hope you will read it :) I have always had syncope incidents since age 5 but they thought it was a seizure disorder even tho it never showed any abnormal brain activity. I also have always had low blood pressure & heart rate. But I had a very active life as a figure skater/gymnast/cheerleader thru school. Then in my adult years as a Coach & Mt Biker & avid gym person. I was diagnosed at 18 with asthma & TMJ & MVP but keep leading a somewhat normal life with some set backs on occasion Suddenly just over 3 yrs ago my syncope episodes became daily & I had other symptoms intolereance to cold/heat aches /pains all over dizzy spells brain fog chest pains, axiety attacks, tingling in extremities,headaches,Much more that fell undet Dysautonomia symptoms Plus. being very tired sometimes unable to even function. My BP was normal at 80/60 & heart rate in the 40's -50' at rest. I was put in the hospital for two weeks had multipule tests run (plz ingore typos & spelling as my head hurts very badly & its also hard to type as my hands clench up from my fibromyalgia. ) THe tilt test my heart stopped while i was on it but restarted by the time they had lowered the table to the recline position. IT howver confirmed the POTS diagnosis. I am diagnosed with POTS/NCS /Dysautonomia/Fibromyalgia & Gastroparesis. I got a pacemaker while I was in the hospital & since then my passing out is MUCH better I can go sometime weeks without passing out tho I seldom go a week with out dizzy spells I still have them. Also many heart palpatation episodes. I just got a new Dr that I got on here from the list of Dr & I LOVE. Dr Mann in Berkley,MI. He put me on Midodrine & compression hose which are actually a big help to my surprise. I was on florinef but had bad side effects due to my stomache issues. SAme with taking Potassium & a couple other things. I thought I was handling everything well but recenlty it seems I have just fallen apart. It seems that it is all just now after 3 yrs sinking in that my life will never be the old life I had. I see my friends going out & I miss Mt Biking. I cant even get out of bed some days. Ive lost friends due to it. Im so depressed sometimes I wonder why Im even here. My family is very supportive as much as they can be but they dont totally understand this all. My b/f was great the first yr & half he was there when I was going thru it all as I lived in SC with him & my family is in MI so they didnt get to talk to the Drs & see things first hand like how bad I can get. Now my b/f seems like he is tired of dealing with it & so Ive moved bk to MI where my family is but not broke up with my b/f just have a L.D. relationship for now tho IDK what will come of it. hHe isnt as understanding as he used to be about my illnesses. Also I have 2 pups & they are my babies to me as I have no children. We are not allowed to have animals where we live. I have begged him to move or talk to the landlords about having the pups. The best the landlors said is they can be there but have to be outdoor animals. It breakes my heart to have them outdoors in the heat & cold & storms & it also is so hard form me to take care of outdoor animals esp when IM having bad day they make me feel better & take care of me they seem to know when I need them. s when I can hardly get out of bed. I need my pups indoors with me. I went a yr and half w/o them with me to be with him I gave up my fam n friend to move to SC to be with him. He promised me a house that wed get married and have a kid. He has changed his mind on all of it. Yes I got sick but I dont see how that should change the plans :( IDK I love him but sometimes I feel like I deserve more. Maybe that is selfish. But sometimes I feel like nobody understand really how sick I feel or how hard I try bad days to get up and do things & what an effort it really is. That there are some days I really truley can not get out of bed. I need to rest. Im sorry for rambling but I have felt so alone for so long & feel like I am at the end of my rope. I just dont know what to do anymore or how to make people understand that I really do try and dont like being this way. Well thanks for listening SOrry for the long intro I am a great listener if anyone ever wants to talk plz feel free to me smile.gif *hugs* to all

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