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  1. I also have Neurocardiogenic Syncope and I had trouble with the SSRI's too. Tried both Lexapro and Paxil at the lowest recommended dose and felt both times like I was crawling out of my skin. Stopped after a week each time. But I know lots of folks who have had little or no trouble with SSRI's. Klonapin is about the only drug that has helped. But I only take it sporadically as I feel (at least with me) I develop a tolerance and it becomes less effective with regular use.
  2. David- I remember not that long ago that you were nervous about drivng and going to Columbia. What were your experiences like there? It seems you got in fairly quickly. thank you for sharing your experience, it would help me a great deal Noreen Noreen, I made the appointment back in February to go to Columbia in late June. But fortunately their schedule opened up sooner. Also fortunately I got a ride both ways door to door from a friend who fortuitously had to be in the city at the same time. I took Klonapin before I left to lessen any anxiety about the experience which seemed to help.
  3. Mestinon is a drug normally used to treat Myasthenia gravis. Has anyone else had experience with this medication? I'm pretty sure what I have is Orthostatic Intolerance not Myasthenia gravis, but if the treatment helps, why not? I was at the Neurological Institute at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC on Tuesday. Had an exam, they ran some bloodwork (something to do with amyloids?) and I'm taking a test for metanephrines. I'm going back in 6 weeks for some autonomic lab tests too. I think my prior experience with total body irradiation and high dose chemo (for Leukemia) has them trying some unusual
  4. What I'm particularly afraid of is hurting someone else while I'm behind the wheel. I drove through a red light once. What if someone had been in the intersection? I think I would have noticed but I'm not sure. Since then I've restricted my driving. Not at night. Not more than 20 minutes at a time (I take a train to visit my girlfriend who lives 30 minutes away). Not more than one outing a day. My back seat is littered with half filled water bottles. I bought a Volvo because it is supposed to have great safety ratings. But mostly I call on my friends whenever they are available. Though I'm wo
  5. I'm new to this forum. Hope I can learn more about my condition. I started having symptoms in November '08, about 9 months after having cervical surgery for stenosis (C-4 thru C-6 vertebrae were fused). I've been to multiple cardiologists and neurologists since then. Was diagnosed with NMH after a tilt table test. Have been on midodrine, fludrocortisone, propanolol (40, 80 & 160 mg), Paxil, and occasionally klonopin, but none have made any difference that I can see. Not even sure I have NMH as my blood pressure doesn't necessarily drop much when I'm dizzy and my heartbeat doesn't increase
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