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  1. I would be interested in those that got motorized wheelchairs/scooters. My doctor prescribed me to get one, but the company said that none of my diagnosis would qualify me to get one. When I talked to the supplier originally he indicated that a person would need to be on oxygen to get one unless they needed it in the house. I have trouble walking long distances or standing for a long time. We took my grandchildren to the carnival and I made it for about an hour before I had to lay down in the grass. I was done for the evening. Had to get the EMS to take me to the car. This is also typical for
  2. Hannah, My symptoms are similar to yours. I often have trouble walking and use a cane sometimes. John Hopkins suggested I get physical therapy to help. At the end of about my 3rd week of therapy I had what I call a "spell". I had slurred speech, foggy brain, dizzy and trouble walking. For the most part this cleared up after 30 minutes, but I had speech trouble for about 3 more days and trouble getting around. In therapy I cannot walk more than 4-5 minutes before I start shuffling my feet and need to stop. I usually always have a bad headache and feel nauseous when this happens. Normally my s
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