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  1. http://www.mercurypoisoned.com/dental_personnel.html I don't believe that everyone who has POTS has mercury poisoning, however those with amalgams have higher body levels of mercury, nickel etc. and that obviously can't be a good thing for any number of reasons.
  2. Hi all, my first post here. I'm been dealing with dysautonomia for about a year now, it came out of nowhere. I had my B12 tested at the beginning of my problems and it was midrange, I also took sublingual methyl tabs since then. Then, a few weeks back I had a CBC that showed low blood platelets and a slightly high MCV, both of these can be signs of B12 deficiency. Since then I started B12 injections and I've seen maybe a 50% decrease in my symptoms...maybe 50% is too generous, but on a good day that's what it feels like. I still have all my symptoms unfortunately but my good days are much b
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