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  1. long story short: when i was 15 i was stuck in bed for 2 years, after seeing many dr and doing many tests i finally was told to keep hydrated with gatorade. this helped alot. i was then able to focus on my ibs symptoms, which i figured out when i was 19 , after getting everything in check from constant blood pressure issues, ibs issues, headaches, migrains, and even asthma when i was 24. im doing well, but not "great" , i thought i was doign great but turns out i got better after a DR told me to try Succeed! S!caps which contain as much electrolyte (and potasium) as a 20oz bottle of gatorade, with out the added sugar. so here i am now, i recently tacked on p.o.t.s to my Dysautonomia diagnosis, about 7 months ago, i went in complaining i could not do the things i love any more and i was having issues thinking, and even being able to do an hours worth of hobby. since taking the salt caps, i been 10x better. but i still can not live a normal life. I enjoy the automotive industry. i have the ability to prep and paint cars, the ability to buff and polish and do a professional detail on cars, and now i can do what is known as vehicle wrapping, which is a specialty trade which not very many people can do. i have with in my reach the opertunity to work at a local shop that does many high end car wraps, one of the largest and most known shops in texas, i worked there for 2 days as a freelance worker helping with a vinyl install for a friend of tim duncans (spurs player) but i started running low on energy the 2nd day. keeping hydrated, eating every 2-3 hours, taking small breaks, pacing myself while doing the work, and i still have issues going onto day 2-3. i still have issues waking up early in the morning. its the only time i get IBS urgency, is if i have to wake up early. it is inevidable that i have to rush to the restroom. if any one has any advice for me. i have such an amazing opertunity infront of me that i feel i can not grasp becasue of physical limitations. my name is Jessica Hewitt, i am 26, and i wish the sky was the limit. . .
  2. in 2010 i was having issues feeling confused and out of breath , for about 8 months i had this issue i couldnt complete a train of thought when it got bad. i kept forgetting what i was doing, what i was thinking about... it got bad. i did a stress test but nothing really showed up. they even took pictures and video of my heart. nothing showed anything. in september of 2010 i got sharp pains in my chest. my friend offered me xanex , she thought i was having a panic attack. i took 0.50 mg and i felt better.. the next day i had lunch with my mom and i told her what had happen. she offered me her inhailer. it also helped... i went to the dr and he perscribed 0.25 mg of xanex ( i take half of it) and a rescue inhailer. i havent had any issues like that since. i also take singular but it makes me extremely moody and irritated and i even have thoughts of suicide (such panic i want to crash my car? ya im not taking singular any more lol) which helpd but i just dont want to risk taking it. so yeah..... but the only down side is the inhailer makes my heart race if i am not hydrated.... but it works good when i need it too
  3. i breed frilled dragons and sailfin dragons , since i am home alot i started breeding these guys. reptiles are great and help me pass my days when i am home . since i am home alot www.alamocityagama.com
  4. the only medication i am on is birth controle and nexium. i have been living for many years w/o medication and found a nice balance so long as i stay hydrated and eat well. though it took me 3 years to really beable to say i am doing alright and staying well hydrated!
  5. for stomach cramping i use bentyl. it makes me a lil dissy and light headed but its much better then being in so much pain. birth controle can definantly play a huge roll in our condition. i benifit from birth controle (nuva ring) because it shortens my periods to 2 light days. 1 heavy day. and 2 light days, i only get effected ONE day during my period if that.. if it is because of blood loss, you might want to have her increase her magnesium and potassium and b12 (riboflavin). there is this smoothy like fruit drink called ODWALLA, its over in the produce section. or if you dont have it in your area you could look for other premium fruit smoothy drinks. in my opinion odwalla super food (the green one) helps alot with any type of imbalance due to low blood pressure or low blood volume. she may just have a deficiency while on her period because of loss of blood.
  6. i get chills after a blood pressure crash at night. =/
  7. Gatorade saved my life.... from age 16-17 i was stuck in bed. it wasnt untill a doctor did a tilt table test on me, and then after the tilt table test he said " i want you to drink gatorade untill your urin is clear, and keep your urin clear" that i started feeling better. from age 17-20 i was dependent on gatorade, now i barly need it , i do need it durring the summer and i do need to drink water often but my body regained its balance and now i have reduced symptoms. i had tilt table tests, and blood volume tests to determin my low blood volume. and my electrolyte deficiency i do notice. as stated above, that now if i drink to much gatorade i also feel loopy and tired and odd... so its just picking a nice balance between gatorade and water. we have to ask our bodies what they need and be aware of how we feel.
  8. how is your hydration. is your urin nearly clear? with barometric pressure changes i feel like crap. my heart races too if i dont stay hydrated and well rested.
  9. if you remove your gall blatter. there is no blatter for the bile to go into. you will have an ever flowing bile duct. i recently had horrible horrible pain and suffering from what i thought was acid reflux and indigestion. i had many tests done, doctors couldnt find anything but i was suffering and i went out finding my own answer. i was in pain for 3 months. from october to december. i lost about 15-20 lb because i could not eat much. otc medications were not helping. even at perscription doses. i started on nexium along side zantac. the both, together, worked great. i then changed my diet since anything i ate left me in such horrible pain.. after speeking to an older friend of mine they said something about vinigar. apple cider viniger. he said to take a sip or 2 of it... so i did. and guess what it worked... i then went into researching bile issues. turns out there is acid reflux. as well as bile reflux...... bile is alkaline. ant-acids wont help the pain. but guess what will? vinigar.. if you dont want to drink 2-4 oz of vinigar. try vitimin C tablets.... they work just the same! the vinigar helps remove the pain. the vitimin c tablets help prevent it. i drink orange juice with every meal and i have very limited symptoms. i stopped drinking vinigar and my symptoms returned slowly. so i started back on drinking orange juice with meals. i still take nexium, but i came off the zantac. you said "I'd mentioned the persistent nausea that really gets bad with near syncopal events" this is because when your blood pressure drops the blood rushes out of your stomach. when i have my blood pressure drops i too feel really really really sick to my stomach. it usually lasts about 20-40 min then slowly goes away. the easiest way to solve that issue is to increase blood volume by increasing electrolyte intake. please check with your doctor before increasing your sodium and sugar intake by drinking Gatorade. it is a delicate balance.
  10. about 2 years ago(2010) i was in the ear nose and throat doctors office. i had made an appointment to get allergy testing since i was having alot of issues with sinus pressure and headaches. since i complained about dizziness they decided to hook me up to this balance test machine. basically you sit in this special chair and they put ear plugs into your ears that have tubes threw them. the tubes pulse air into your ear drums and basically check your balance and resistance inside your inner ear i guess. about 30 secconds or less, into the test, i started feeling funny. i didnt feel dizzy i just didnt feel right. with in 5 secconds i could feel all the blood rush out of my head and pool in my feet. my feet felt heavy my hands felt heavy and i yanked the ear buds out of my ears and told them i was having a blood pressure crash. the poor lady ran out of the room to go get the dr asap. with in about 2 min i had fully recovered from my near passing out episode that i had not felt for years.. since 2005..... the dr came into the room. she knew my condition and told me i must have had a Vasovagal response, which has to do with my nerve system ect.... i took it up with my cardiologist and my internal med doctor... they both agree.... if you go in to get a balance test. be aware!!!
  11. yes. sometimes if i am not well hydrated i feel like my heart is racing. i feel a rush like feeling and my stomach sometimes starts to become upset. the best way to coupe with it would be to first, check with your doctor to see if you can increase hydration, and then drink more water. basically whats happenging. if it is anything like what happens with me. is that your blood pressure drops when you lay down. then for w/e reason our body thinks its to low so we get a dose of adrenilen, which makes the heart race. this is, at least, what happens to me. basicaly, to prevent it would be to fix the low blood pressure issue upon laying down/relaxing low blood pressure like this is often caused by low blood volume. please check with dr first before you try to do anything. i do not take medication for any issues, so i can freely increase my water and gatorade intake to what ever my body needs. the sodium wont hurt me. nor will the water.
  12. i have had horrible migraines for years. i thought it was just my DA, i then realized it was sinus pressure... i started using a nasal rinse http://www.amazon.com/Alkalol-Natural-Soothing-Solvent-16-Ounce/dp/B003YFG0M0/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1334463167&sr=1-1 and i started using nasonex nasal spray... i successfully rid myself of any start of any migraine and pressure by using the rinse and i prevent other issues by using the nasal spray daily.. i also drink odwalla juice, superfood (the green one) and it also helps a great deal with any headaches too. i have been migraine free for about 2 years now. i still get some but they are reduced by 80% since i been using a nasal rinse i also dont suffer from colds or sore throats.
  13. i have sinus pressure too, it contributes to my migraines. i use over the counter walgreens brand nasal spray and it does wonders, bad thing is you can only use it for 3 days in a row, i only use it once a week only on my really bad days. wound up with a nose bleed too.... i use saline nasal spray too. doesnt really do much.... but it does help clear stuff out. i tried the neti pot and i darn near killed myself. it ran down my throat. i am sure i didnt do it right but i tried again and same thing. i guess i just cant close my nose off right by breathing threw my mouth? i tried nasonex nasal spray and it didnt do anything for me btw.... the walgreens stuff is the only stuff i have tried that helped. my osteopathic doctor gave me some sinatrol which is a supplement that i should take 3 pills 3 times a day but its just so expensive.. hasnt helped yet.
  14. my doctors also notice that my pupils do not contract as they should when light is shined into them. kind of an interesting thing to have looked at when you see a new dr, so they can actually see physical proof that your different from every one else. that your body isnt reacting as it should
  15. wow i would love to hear more about how your hormones are involved if you want to shoot me a private message. i've been struggleing with this for some time now. adrenal is still sported by the autonomic nerve system. which is why ours isnt really working well. adrenal saport seems to be helping though i hve found it makes me slightly jittery towards the end of the night. but i just have to experiment how long this stuff stays in my body and use it accordingly.
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