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About Me

Suz- age 53

I was a librarian and now volunteer.

My passion is helping children. I will be volunteering at a shelter for abused children starting soon.

My youngest son just graduated from college so no more tuition! My boys are 21 and 23.

My husband was my college sweetheart and is very supportive.

I spend most of the summer in our place in Maine. It's my favorite place in the world.

My youngest "sons" are Rocco and Joey, (beagle mixes rescued from the pound 8 years ago). They are totally psycho but they're my babies.

Love reading mysteries and chick lit (lowbrow lit is fine with me).

Have ADD so my mind constantly bounces around (and it provides a nice excuse for my clutter-filled, unorganized home).

For me, a sense of humor (and ability to laugh at ones self), kindness and tolerance are the most important traits in people.

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