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  1. I have suffered from weak legs on numerous occasions and about two years ago I had lots of nerve testing on my legs but the results were all clear so I was told most likely to be another POTs symptom
  2. I have been messing around with my diet since the beginning of the year trying to see what helps the POTs symptoms. It seems that carbs have a big impact on my tachycardia and I always watch my caffeine intake. Today I had to have some chocolate and now I am suffering my HR is the highest its been in a while, I feel breathless and generally wired. 'd be interested to hear anyone elses diet do's amd don'ts
  3. Hi I used the forum a while back when I was struggling to get a diagnosis. I am now an offical potsie and wondered if there are any London or UK people I could bombard with questions?? All help much appreciatd Jess
  4. I developed symptoms around 6 months after the birth of my second child and finally got diagnosed a year later. I have good and bad days and I am not on medication yet, my consultant wants me to try lifestyle changes for the next few months (water, salt, stockings etc). I am fainting on average 4-6 times a month but I have it alot more under control since I got diagnosed. I am also having my iron levels monitored as they think my body can't retain iron and this may be making things worse. I have been told the POTs may well disappear as quickly as it came on so here's hoping!
  5. I too suffer from the fear of fainting, in fact it has at times been so bad that it over shadows the POTS. I worry about fainting on the street, which I have done, fainting when holding the kettle, crossing the road, when I am alone with my children, when I use the bathroom (I don't lock the door), the list goes on. I also worry about who will help if it happens when I am out with my two children, I had a nasty inccident when it first happened and a drunk had started to walk away with my pushchair and my baby!! The other ridiculous thing is I worry I won't come round. I suffer from a severe ho
  6. The thing is at the first sign of it I freak and believe that I am going to pass out. I guess it just takes some getting used to.
  7. Hi I got diagnosed two weeks ago with POTs and the consultant I have been seeing thinks I am coping well without medication and I tend to agree. I have increased my fluid and salt intake and have been wearing the support stockings and knickers and hadn't until yesterday suffered a collapse in almost 8 weeks! Yesterday however I collapsed in the hospital (I only popped in to use the cashpoint) and ended up spending 14 hours in A&E, after which I was basically told to get home and not to get overconfident because I do have something wrong with me!! I was soooo cross! Ok but the point of thi
  8. Thanks for all the positive replies. I have today been wired up to a 7 day heart monitor. See the consultant on the 12th so fingers crossed they'll be some news
  9. Hi I am halfway through testing for suspected POTs and I was hoping to meet some people that have been diagnosed in the UK. I am having my tests done through Kings College Hospital
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