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  1. Not for me. My temperature tends to run 99 to 101. Still have freezing feet no matter what.
  2. I have that issue as well but have no idea if it is POTs related. The feeling can persist for me even after I have sat down especially in the balls, toes, and top for the prickling and the arches for itching.
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I appreciate it. Noreen
  4. Michael- I understand how frustrated you are. It can be really scary not to be able to think. Hold onto the hope that it won't last forever. That said, meds can have side effects as we are all individuals. My son had terrible concentration issues on even low dose Klonopin. As a suggestion, develop a chronological list of your drugs and see if you can determine whether symptoms worsened when one was started. Hugs, Noreen
  5. Greetings to everyone- I've been reading the forum for a while when I have felt well enough and could think well enough how to use a computer. Would that were just a joke! It seems strange that not all that long ago I worked full time on computers and assisted others. Until I found this forum, the frustration I felt at becoming the village idiot could become overwhelming. After my neurocardiogenic syncope diagnosis in 2002, my cardiologist never told me the full impact of the autonomic issues I could face. Over the years I've tended to attribute everything to my fibro from a 1990 auto accident and fought to keep on keeping on. My major syncope episode in 2002 happened at Old Navy. I had a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase and kept finding incredible deals like a $3 cashmere sweater so it was taking me forever. The stomach pains started and a bout of diarrhea in the ladies room (at least I made it!) were a brief rest before pushing this full cart of presents for the year which would only set back my budget by $27 towards the register. I never made it. I came to with the paramedics around me and in the distance I could see the clerk pushing my cart away. Talk about shop 'til you drop! As part of the diagnostic work-up, I was scheduled for the tilt-table testing. The hospital, an older institution with space issues, had the tilt table in an ante-room to a surgical suite/procedure room. The day of my testing there was a respiratory tech waiting for the patient in the procedure room and he knew the young woman administering my test. As she strapped me in, he and I started chatting and joking. She seemed nervous about administering the test as, I believe, the last time she did one it was hairy and she asked him to hang around. I could see the BP readings out of the corner of the eye and as the testing commenced, and I felt horrible I initially found out by accident that I felt better and my bp stabilized if I was laughing/joking. Too high - it went down - too low it went up when I laughed. That tilt-table test was the torture from the middle ages. I realize now that it would have been faster if I just passed out but at the time it seemed like survival - I had found how much better I felt when I laughed. of course, when the cardiologist came in the last 10 minutes or so no one was talking and it felt really bad and he said we have a positive result. However, that test confirmed that laughter is the best medicine. Glad to have found you all Noreen
  6. I hope your visit goes marvelously. The change of scenery and the positive environment will do your friend a world of good. It seems no matter how old we are when both of our parents have gone, we now are 'orphans' .and kindness and understanding goes a long way towards coming to live our new normal life - we don't 'get over it' but integrate the loss into our beings without breaking down every other second. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Valentine's Day Gentle hugs, Noreen
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