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  1. I keep having these awful days where I wake up and from the moment I open my eyes I know it's not going to be a good day. I've noticed that not only am I more tired, dizzy and tachy, I also FEEL incredibly dehydrated. But I am drinking pint glass of water after pint glass of water. Unfortunately that also makes me pee for England since I have an overactive bladder. I just don't know what to do to help myself here! I know in the US people recommend drinking Gatorade but I have no idea what the UK equivalent of that would be. Should I eat something salty to help me retain fluid, or what? I'm at a loss really!!
  2. Thanks for that input flop (from me too, although I wasn't asking!) I hadn't realised that about the target zone, but it was something I'd been idly wondering.
  3. Thanks for the ideas guys. I'll definitely keep them all in mind. Janet, I can't believe it but I have actually done this- I'd just FORGOTTEN! Man, my brain fog has been real bad lately. >.< So thanks for reminding me of that option! It's funny because I took drowsy anti-hists when abroad because of heat rash and I always wondered why I slept better on holiday than at home- then I made the link- and so when I felt I needed it, I'd use them at home too. Can't believe I forgot that!!! Well anyway I am trying at the moment a herbal remedy from a new herbalist working near me. It's lavendar, skullcap and valerian in a formula you take like a medicine. I'm feeling the effects of it now, feels quite nice, a relaxed sort of sleepy, whether it's 'strong' enough to actually help me sleep those times when I'm wired and restless, I don't yet know...
  4. I am THINKING of MAYBE asking my GP about a sleep aid. I don't sleep poorly all the time, so I wouldn't want to take it every day, but there are times when I can tell I'm going to be tossing and turning (when I feel 'tired but wired') and so could take it then. The thing that's causing me reluctance is usually I've experienced a hangover effect from sleep meds (I've only ever tried 2, one was years ago and I don't remember the name and the other was called Zopiclone which had horrible side effects of an awful bitter taste that would get WORSE (stronger) every time I drank or ate something). I'm just wondering if anyone has had any luck with meds that don't have that effect? I know everyone is different so you can never predict how your body will react mind you. I am just finding that lately, my 1 or 2 poor nights sleep a week are making my energy and mood levels so low. I feel like if I could get better sleep, I'd most likely feel much better and less symptomatic!
  5. Hi Detrick, Those results are similar to the results I've self monitered using a heart rate watch. I'm not diagnosed with POTS yet either (or for the matter anything else related to it). From what I've read around this site and others, it certainly appears that you could be exhibiting POTS. Try the test like flop said from lying to standing. When I do that, my hr goes from around 74 (first thing in the morning) up to 120, sometimes more but it usually levels off there then drops again. I find it quite ironic in an amusing sort of way that it tends to stop at 120, bit of my silly humour coming in here- it's as if it's going 'I'm gunna get up to 120 for you, get you that diagnosis... oh... I'm nearly there... yes- I made it! Oh, now I'm coming back down to 112 thanks.' lol
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone; jump- that's really great advice I will do just that!
  7. Did it help you in the path towards obtaining a diagnosis? This is the first test I am having done with my Cardio (who I've yet to meet). And, would you recommend that I mention POTS and ask him if he knows about it? My biggest fear really is being tested by someone who could miss the diagnosis. I have, thanks to persephone pointing out the STARS website, discovered that there is a cardio with an interest in POTS who works locally (not the one I'm referred to unfortunately) so if things don't seem to be going well with this one, I can always ask to be referred to the one that knows stuff about POTS. I really want to make sure I get tested for POTS properly because when I've done my 'poor man's tilt table' tests I have consistently had a heart rate increase of 30bpm or more. Plus I have lots of other wacky symptoms that it could explain. I just want to MAKE SURE I am being tested thoroughly and that nothing is missed! So any advice those who've been through this already (especially in the UK) can give, I'd appreciate very much! xx
  8. Heya, I was also going to recommend acidophilis. Keep it in the fridge too! Also, a supplement called caprycilic acid can help to kill off excess 'bad' bacteria without killing off 'good' bacteria. It's actually really nice because it smells like coconuts. Inexpensive too. I hope you soon fell better! xx
  9. Aww, I am happy for you! I understand what a difference it makes having a good/understanding Dr and getting the diagnosis is half the battle!! I can only hope I have such a positive outcome myself soon!!! Really pleased for you!
  10. Oh, thank you for that link, that's very useful!
  11. Just wondering how you went about it? I am seeing a cardiologist on the 29th, I was referred by my GP. Not sure what will happen, whether he will even know about POTS, guess I'll just have to see... A few people have told me they got diagnsoed by Professor Mathias in London. But that he has a really long waiting list on the NHS. Ideally of course I'd like to get dx asap. I'm considering going to him privately if things don't work out with my cardio, but not sure how much it would cost- can anyone advise? You can PM me if preferred, I'd just appreciate some advice as I am readying a 'plan of action' to cover all bases, as I am well prepared for the frustration (once again) of not being taken seriously or being sent away because the person in question has little knowledge of ANS issues and thus can't diagnose me...
  12. Yeah, I don't do it anymore, thankfully seeing that happen didn't freak me out as I felt totally fine, so I just thought it was the electric windows in the car interfering with the watch at first, and then when that was ruled out, I thought it was just broken! Just thought I'd check out of interest, more than anything. I'm a curious type, I like to know and understand why the body does certain things, and just wondered if there was a chance it could have been a strange reaction of sorts to flying. Glad it was as I suspected 'just the watch'. I was originally taking heart rate measurements for the purpose of gathering some readings to show my GP to prove that I wasn't 'crazy' or 'stressed'. Payed off, and now the watch sits on my desk doing nothing... comes in handy if I want to see the time at night thanks to the handy button which lights up the screen
  13. Yeah, I did assume it was some kind of interference because I felt totally normal. Weird though, wonder what it was!
  14. I was monitering my HR after a recent 4 hour flight abroad. This puzzled more than concerned me, I am not sure whether the device had stopped working properly, although it's worked fine since. Basically, I was sitting in the car and my HR would leap from around 80 to something crazy like 190 (that was the highest leap anyway) and then go back down to around 80 or 90. What was even stranger was during these sudden leaps, I didn't actually feel anything, which is what made me think maybe my watch was malfunctioning... although one symptom I did have was later, I had what I call 'painful palpitations' although I was wearing my watch at the time of these too and there were no jumps or even slight raises during these palps so I have no idea.
  15. AGREED!!! Good luck with getting a diagnosis. xx
  16. What's the purpose of giving meds that can make the symptoms (such as increased heart rate) worse? I can't work that one out...
  17. I understand the 'yay, I have a diagnosis' jubilation. Not because I have mine yet, but because I am sure I will feel that way once I eventually do (which fingers crossed I will!). Often, I think fighting an unknown enemy is sooo much harder than when you know what you're dealing with. Glad for you that you KNOW, but not that you HAD to know of course.
  18. Wow that's great, I miss exercise, I'm wanting to get back into it more really.
  19. Thank you, that's very nice of you to say. :-)
  20. I went a walk today and tried to walk faster than usual (actually because I saw the post van driving towards my street and didn't want to miss parcels I was expecting!) I didn't last long doing that because my chest started to hurt, I was wearing my heart rate watch at the time and it was 177. Dang!! Luckily I didn't miss the parcels though But now I'm tired!!
  21. Thanks. I feel positive now- it's a little like an epiphany, because so many 'mystery' things are now adding up and making sense, and I am FINALLY being taken seriously. Not that it was the Drs fault that I wasn't before, but I just KNEW I didn't feel right, I just didn't know WHY. It wasn't until I started measuring my heart rate (thanks to a friend who told me about POTS due to my symptoms) that I had something concrete to show my new Dr. There aren't any POTS specialists in my locale but if it does turn out I have it, or my cardiologist wants me to have further tests with someone who is in the know about it, I'm willing to travel- I just need the referral so will see how I go with what tests the cardiologist wants me to do. :-)
  22. GOOD for you standing up for yourself!!! Some people are just beyond rude and thoughtless!!
  23. Bloods came back all fine, I thought they would though they usually do lol! I asked to have a standing up ECG as well as a normal one, the Dr said it did record my abnormally high heart rate (180bpm) but as some of the clips weren't attached right she couldn't be sure if it was right! Given that I'd been standing there for about 7 mins while the nurse kept fiddling with these clips and could FEEL my heart pounding and racing, I think that was about right, it's definitely the highest it's gotten whilst standing and I sure could feel it. Thankfully she didn't tell me I'm 'just stressed'- I showed her my 'poor man's tilt table test' results and she has referred me on to a local cardiologist. So now I have to hope he will have knowledge of POTS. She mentioned I might be tested with what sounded like a halter moniter- they have 24 hour ones and 7 day ones! At least I am finally getting somewhere now...
  24. Yeah! The most times I've felt close to fainting have been post hot bath!
  25. Interesting, thanks for the ideas/input!
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