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    I am an avid quilter and reader. I long to do all those things that "normal" people can do: sail, go camping, travel, go hiking... I enjoy gardening and attending art fairs, though NOT when it is hot!

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  1. I have had the same problem... and this October will be having bariatric surgery. I am hoping to see marvelous results that will have me so much healthier! HAs anyone else on here had bariatric? Can you let me know how it went?
  2. Has anyone on here taken Macrodantin? I read that one of the symptoms is dizziness, but holy cow, Batman! I thought POTS made me dizzy, but this stuff is crazy on top of the POTS! I'm so sensitive to medications, particularly antibiotics, and this was one of the few things my doc could try to get rid of a UTI. Your thoughts?
  3. I ALWAYS have a problem with inflammation. Always. Doctors are always alarmed by my high C-reactive Protein results. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow to find out what it is now... just had it taken a week ago. Interesting article!
  4. Hi Noreen! Welcome to the group! This has been a great place for me to find a lot of information and, even better, people who understand and accept me for who I am. Never hesitate to ask a question. We might not know the answer, but we'll be as helpful as we can. Hugs, Caron
  5. Yesterday I had a terrible time staying awake. All afternoon and evening, I fought the sleep monster. Couldn't focus on anything, not alert... complete fog, then sleep. Hubby made us a delicious dinner, and I have no idea what we talked about, I was fighting to stay awake. This morning, I still feel foggy. I took my temperature when I woke up... 97.0. No wonder I'm so foggy! I read somewhere that an iron diffiency can contribute to this. Does anyone know anything more about it? I'm not sure how I'm going to stay awake at work today! Caron
  6. I get dizzy riding the escalator. I'd love to ride a horse, but don't dare with this POTS.
  7. You're not alone... mine does that too!!!
  8. Ana, I can REALLY relate to your post (that I just read). I am on Metoprolol, and so much of my added weight is water weight! I am also doing research into bariatric surgery (duodonal switch). I try to get to the gym three times per week, but have to use the weights and recombant (sp) machines as the treadmill nearly kills me. People keep saying "Count your calories," "watch the sugar," "watch the carbs," etc. like it's MY fault. Everyone who knows me tells me I eat like a bird. Caron
  9. I'm pretty sure I have an underlying infection! I feel 95 percent better when I am on Augmentin (antibiotic). I've been tested several times, and I am a strep carrier. No, not strep throat, but strep throughout my system. It shows up in blood tests all the time. Sure would love to have the work-up that you have had. It would be very interesting to know all the details of all those tests! Caron
  10. Lieze, Your symptoms sound very familiar! The longer I am on my feet, the more light-headed I feel, sometimes feeling like I'm going to pass out. My symptoms usually start by feeling like I have lots of gas - which is usually the case. I can burp up a storm! It feels like my stomach is pushing up on my lungs and heart so hard I can't breathe. I had that problem Sunday in church. It was my Sunday to go up and read the scripture, too... I got to the potium, opened the bible, read one sentence and felt like I had no air to go on. I stopped and tried to catch my breath, smiled, and kept goi
  11. I am a "strep carrier" and when I have a flare-up (not strep throat) I get that way. Once I start taking an antibiotic to kick it in the butt, I don't have the night breathing problems anymore. Also, I find that when I have problems breathing any time of day or night, I am usually retaining a lot of fluid... rings are tight, shoes are tight, face puffy, etc.
  12. I feel worse the longer I am vertical. If I am lying down or sitting, I seem to be 80 percent better than being on my feet. I get so dizzy and spacey when I'm up for very long, and develop this fear of losing control that makes me panic. I don't want to pass out in public or at work... I don't want to end up with someone calling an ambulance for me when I know that usually the lying down will FIX the problem!
  13. I had the severe shortness of breath this time last year. I was diagnosed with POTS after a TTT, and am now on Metroprolol, which helps. But I still get times when the shortness of breath comes back. For example, I was feeling really good Saturday. We had tickets to the symphony and decided to go to dinner first. Went for Chinese food, which was yummy. Then we went to the symphony and had to park a little ways away. I could hardly breathe walking to the door! Hubby kept his eyes on me and held my arm. We went inside, gave them our tickets, and sat down in the lobby so I could catch my
  14. I have to fly to Orlando from Michigan for a work conference in another month. I've heard that flying is not good for people with POTS, but I don't have any other option, as it's for work. Any suggestions? Have you flown? How did it bother you? Thanks!
  15. What a fantastic idea!!! And they are so small, they would fit easily on your keychain or necklace. It would be perfect for hospital staff to look at, but not be immediate help for the EMT if you had to get emergency help. But it's a super great idea!
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