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  1. Trying to find a POTS specialist in SE England

  2. Hello everyone, My specialist, Dr. Bayliss has retired and the cardiologist he referred me to says he is not specialised enough to take me on (he actually suggests I go to Minnesota). Does anyone know of a specialist in SE England for POTS/dysautonomia? Or the rest of the UK too, if there is no-one in the SE. I don't want to see Prof. M. for reasons I'd best not mention here. My heart has slowed down and isn't keeping my bp up any more so I think I need to see someone! My GP can't recommend anyone. Thanks.
  3. I have EDS and have been diagnosed with POTS but the only treatment options I have been offered are florinef and midodrine. I think the assumption is that because I have EDS the POTS must be caused by slack vascular tone. I have anxiety and what feels like adrenaline surges at 4am every day. I'm not sure what the symptoms are of hyperadrenergic POTS (is there something good to read on the web?), but the little I've seen on here makes me wonder if I have it. Is there anywhere in the UK I can get tested? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I think I will give him a go and see - I certainly like the idea of someone who will listen to me. I'll post back with how I get on.
  5. Hello everyone, I see Prof Mathias at the moment, but I am moving out of London and Dr. Bayliss will be much nearer. I just wondered if anyone sees him and if he's a good one to switch to. Thanks Minty x
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