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  1. The same thing happens to me when i swim KC. I agree with Chaos; because of the water pressure that keeps your blood pressure up and not getting so hot like you would walking you are working much harder then you think so your body takes much longer to recover.
  2. Be prepared to wait hours for your appointment. Bring books or a computer or something. He is TOTALLY worth waiting for but he does take a long time with each patient. Write down all your symptoms and questions before hand to.
  3. and its not the hereditary time that you easily found info about on the internet.
  4. I do not have MCAd but I do have auto immune angioedema. Basically at randoms times and particularly when i'm stressed out my tongue, throat and lips all swell to the point that I go to the ER for anaphalaxis. It took a long time to get this diagnosis. I ended up seeing an immunologist not an allergist and he was able to diagnosis me and figure out some good medicines to take.
  5. oh wow! I was definetly reading that wrong. I thought each amino acid was a single pill and you took two pills of each amino. Lol. That doesn't sound expensive at all. I may look into it. thanks!
  6. I always take benedryl and zyrtec together without a problem other then tiredness. My dr said I can take up to 100mg of benedryl at a time but you should get the ok from a dr before doing the same. Benedryl cream has antihystimine in it too so be careful of taking a dose of benedryl and then adding the cream and getting too much anti-hystamine in your system.
  7. I realized I don't have any idea what your medical history is but I just wanted to make sure you'd been tested for diabetes. Im sure there are lots of reasons for being thirsty but drinking and peeing lots while still being thirsty always makes me want to rule out diabetes. All the salt can actually make you thirsty. Is your urine clear, dark yellow??
  8. I'm curious how much it costs to take 2 of each of those 8 amino acids 6 times a day. Can you buy any combinations or are they all separate?
  9. I did that calculations for you Tearose. Each recipe of this makes 8 cups. Each cup contains 444.5 mg sodium 199 mg Potassium 30 calories and potentially a little vitamin C depending on the brand and amount of koolaid you add.
  10. I think you may want to research this a little more. What i've found said its usually used as a replacement for prescription erection enhancement. If thats true I don't think it'll help you sleep. http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-avena-sativa.html
  11. This recipe doesn't make any sense to me. The only electrolyte in it is the salt. The baking soda helps prevent your stomach from being upset from the salt. And if your body needs salt why would you put something in the drink (salt subsitute) that tastes salty but didn't give you any electrolytes. 7 tablespoons is a heck of a lot of sugar. I mean if its hard to get in enough calories then adding sugar makes sense but irregardless I dont see what this recipe provides for you. I feel like drinking diluted V8 splash would be much more beneficial as it has sodium, potassium, vitamins, and fructose.
  12. I think maybe if your doctor can help you understand why your heart rate is so high then maybe you can find a somewhat more effective treatment. I know that we dont know the cause of pots but if for example your heart is so high because your blood pressure is really dropping then maybe compression hose, increasing your salt etc would help.
  13. Meds and slowly increasing my activity is what's working for me. I use a wheelchair outside of my house because my walking endurance is so little but wheeling a wheelchair with your arms or feet can really increase your heart rate. I found that walking a few feet to a chair, sitting, then walking to the next room with a chair is what helped me the most in my house. Slowly I was able to walk through 2 rooms to a chair etc. I can't wheel myself in a wheelchair on carpet because my heart rate skyrockets.
  14. I get night sweats almost everynight but I'm not feeling hot like I do during the day. I'm actually cold but drenched in sweat.
  15. Sorry if this is a stupid question but have you lost weight? If your heart rate is high most of the time your body starts burning more muscle to feed it because its faster then trying to burn fat to supply energy for your heart..
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