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    I enjoy keeping up with friends on Facebook and watching movies.. Love superhero movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Pretty much anything considered "geeky", I LOVE. Video game junky. Wii now, was gamecube. Big Zelda and guitar hero fan! Strong PETA supporter! Favorite Music: Rock/Classic and Hard, The harder the better.. When I'm able I enjoy riding 4-wheelers with my husband and friends, even more when the kids come along!

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  1. I have been on propranolol ER about seven years now, 120 mg bid. I have recently had to double that and still have a resting heart rate of about 98. I still feel like I'm racing. And it's not really helping posture really that much anymore. I can feel my heart rate rise substantially again. I also take midodrine for low blood pressure. So far that is holding. I can't even lean down and my 63° house and pick anything up without going into full-blown pots mode again; sweating profusely, swelling, nausea, migraine etc. Much less go outside in this Mississippi heat. I almost immediately start
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