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  1. Thanks everybody. The Brainfog in experiencing is different than what I would consider the ADD symptoms. When i read the ADD explenation and the behaviour characteristics it suits me well. The Brain Fog is another catagory indeed. I hate the brain fog because I'm unable to do anything (mentally especially). I will discuss the ritalin (or Concerta, which I prefer) with my doctor. i tried the search but could not find a good topic (I need to try better I Guess)
  2. Thanks Firewatcher for the info. I do have some contact with other Dutch members already. I pm'ed a few and it is realy nice to talk with each other in our own language. I'll try to find the whole study and see how they came up with these figures and so on. I'm not wuite sure if I had ADD since childhood or not. I do know my brother and father have symptoms from that. If I do have ADD the possibility of rest in my head would be nice. We'll see what my physician says. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Everybody, Let me introduce myself first. I'm new on this forum and I'm a man living with POTS since 4 years now (I guess). A half a year ago they discovered the disease and now I'm being treated by a doctor and professor from Internal Medicine. They do a very well job so far. I'm from the Netherlands, which is a relive small country in Europe. Most foreigners know it because of our capital city, Amsterdam. I know a lot of people think everybody does drugs here (weed, pot) but that is not true. Mostly tourists do drugs here somehow. That being said (and pot related assumptions out of the w
  4. Hi Lisette, Nice to know that I'm not the only one in the Netherlands. I'm sorry to hear that your diagnose took so long and that you had a miscarriage. Hopefully you will recover soon. What hospital and doc are treating you? Good luck with your treatment and hopefully we will be cured soon. I'll send you a PM with my contact details. Maybe we can chat once in our native language. Micave
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