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  1. My wife has hypothyroid (Hashimoto's) and is on Florinef for her POTS as well. She has not had any real problems being on the medicine however we have noticed recently that her BP is actually a little bit high at times. This has never NEVER been the case for her before and she only recently began taking Florinef (the beginning of August). I don't know if the Florinef is the cause of her increased BP (that is what it is supposed to do after all), but now sometimes her BP is as high as nearly 140/90. Not sure if this helps any but I thought I'd try
  2. Hi again everyone, First I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read and/or respond to my previous topic "Kristen's disaster! Please help". All of your advise, thoughts and prayers were/are much appreciated. I have one new question to ask of everyone. Kristen's doctors (more or less by process of elimination) are now suggesting that she have the cyst on her pineal gland drained. The cyst is rather large (about 12 mm by 9.5 mm) and it is pushing on the corpus callosum in her brain. The doctors are now saying that it could explain her headaches and possibly even the seizure-li
  3. Hi Pat57, they did check her potassium....along with all of her electrolyte levels a few different times.
  4. Hi Yogini, Thanks for the feedback and the broth idea. She has tried compression hose and she is currently on midodrine as well as flourinef (and she was just taken off of pyridostigmine). The problem is that she seems to have a POTS flare up, but then some of her POTS type symptoms go away (the dizziness, the warning that she is going to pass out) and she just starts going unconscious with no warning whatsoever, regardless of position, etc. She can be walking and just fall down, or chewing and just fall off her chair. She has no idea it is coming and no idea what happened when she wakes u
  5. Hi Kari, Thanks for the info and the support. I will look into getting Kristen into the Mayo Clinic tonight. Were you on an incredibly long waiting list? It does seem impossible when she is in one of the bad spells, but we have taken some comfort in knowing that in the past, she has recovered (at least temporarily). Nils (Kristen's husband) PS - I may take you up on your offer to hear your husband's story! I don't have trouble sticking by / supporting Kristen, but keeping on top of work is a challenge.
  6. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and for the thyroid info. Kristen is checking it out right now! I tell her every day that I'll never quit if she doesn't and we all try to encourage her as much as we possibly can. She does get frustrated....mostly because she thinks she will soon loose her job (which she loves so much), but she's promised to keep fighting. Thanks again
  7. Hi Julie, Thanks so much for the response. Kristen and I live in western Massachusetts (approx. 2 hrs west of Boston) so after struggling through the western Mass. hospital scene we have been driving to Boston for the past two admissions. We are currently in the process of trying to get onto Dr. Grubb's waiting list in Ohio but would welcome any help from anyone who knows of some good specialists closer to home. Kristen is currently at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston so she has been seen by the autonomic nervous system specialists here and while they have played with her meds
  8. Hi Dustin, I just actually posted my wife Kristen's story. She has some of the same problems that you seem to be suffering from. She does not have the uncontrollable crying, but she has had tremmors / shaking which sound like your head movements and they also happen while she is awake, asleep, or out due to an "episode". She was on beta blockers for POTS as well and they did not work for her either. She seems to have more actual "episodes" in terms of actually becoming unconscious than you do, but a lot of the symptoms seem similar. Unfortunately, I don't think I can give you much in the
  9. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and would like to share with everyone my wife's story. We could really use help / advise from anyone who is in a similar situation or has similar symptoms... A little over two years ago (August of 2007) my wife Kristen (who was 24 at the time) began experiencing a whole series of thyroid-like symptoms. She is a special education teacher who absolutely LOVES her job and first began to notice difficulty concentrating, focusing and planning her lessons. This soon progressed to unexplained weight loss, terrible night sweats, rapid heart beat, and hair loss.
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