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  1. I have suffered from one type of a headache or another since I was a teenager, but this one has been a little different. I saw my chiropractor Friday (who I see on a regular basis) and presented with a bad headache and neck pain. The adjustment was the most painful one I can ever remember having-my neck was so locked up and inflamed. He kept asking me, "what have you been doing?" I have had a few changes but they are all things I've done in the past and didn't result in this so I was concerned it could be the new meds. I started using a new pillow, but it is a pillow I used to have and used for years and left in a hotel room a year a half ago. I also worked 4 days this week and haven't done that in many months-but the work wasn't as hard as it could be. I don't want to give up on the meds this quick unless I'm confident that's it, but I'm not sure how long to suffer. My neck is still so tight and sore and has been this way two weeks at least. I'm thinking maybe it was already this way three weeks ago and something is prolonging it. I started the Florinef two weeks ago. Thanks for reading!

  2. I've been on the Florinef for two weeks now. I think I had the placebo effect for the first week. Then, I started my period and crashed and haven't bounced back yet. I will probably call the doc Monday and ask for the TTT. He gave me the option and I chose to just start treatment and if I got good results we'd have our answer. Unfortunately, since I completely weaned off my beta-blocker my palpitations and racing pulse are worse than they've ever been. I want my heart rate to feel normal again, but in order for that to happen (with Toprol), I'm so much more tired. But, more than anything I want to be able to take care of my two-year-old with out starting the day off with dread and then losing my patience when she's not ready to nap.

    My worst fear about the TTT is-honestly-that it will be negative. I'm pretty sure there is no other diagnosis out there that fits all my symptoms as I have searched and searched. I will have to continue life with people just thinking I'm lazy and that I'm too young and skinny to be tired of standing in one spot after 5 minutes. I will have no good answer as to why I absolutely despise cleaning up a spill on my carpet or shopping for shoes--it's so taxing on my body! I have symptoms I've dealt with for years that I never even told the doctors about because they sounded so crazy that I was sure they docs would just tell me to eat healthier, exercise and get more sleep! I felt like they would consider them non-medical complaints--and I'm sure a lot of docs do. I'm also sure everyone here already knows what that's like, though. It's not a unique complaint.

    Thank you for your replies!

  3. Basically, that's what I want to know. Or, is it the lack of oxygen to vital organs? I stopped the beta-blocker and started Florinef and salt and today is the first day I am totally beat. I was getting impatient for my DD to take a nap so I could too. I feel so guilty over this and IDK what I'll do when she grows out of naps. I started the day off foggy-brained and yawning. Then, after I ate some lunch I was just plain sleepy. We did a little shopping at Target and DD wanted to try on shoes (she's 2 btw) so I was up and down over ten times and got lightheaded every time. I know this plays a part but how? Does it mean the Florinef and salt wasn't working this am? Thanks for reading!

    ETA: As far as I know my bp isn't dropping too much upon standing-just the tachy.

  4. I'm on .1 mg once daily. Also, 8 salt tabs a day. I haven't had near the urge to nap that I used to. So, it could be helping, but I just don't know if it's just cause my pulse is strong, and racing. I wasn't yawning all day at work either, but I had a (rare) half cup of tea on my way to work to combat a phenergan hangover on my 1-hour drive. I started the meds 2 weeks ago tomorrow. But, I am on the tail end of my period too so I want to wait on that to be over to really gauge my response.

    I still have the racing pulse when I stand and I can deal with it if it's not making me yawn all day, dying to sit down anywhere and fighting through brain fog.

  5. I was having a pretty good feeling day-esp after the killer headache I had all day yesterday. I took some Phenergan for the h/a last night and woke feeling tired but pain free. I felt good until an hour and a half ago and the headache is still here. I laid down on the floor with my 2-year-old DD to read a book with her. We were lying on our backs sharing a pillow and I was feeling OK. Then, she suddenly (as all things happen with a 2yo) wanted strawberries. I was tempted to jump right up and head to the kitchen, but remembered I should take it slow. So, I started by propping myself up on my elbows for a few seconds until I felt adjusted. Then, sat up for a few seconds and then stood. Within minutes I had a headache. I try to stay relaxed and hoped it would wane, but nope! Still around. ***? How can I stop this from happening again. It's the story of my life it seems. Thanks for reading!

  6. I have been on Florinef and salt tabs for a week and a half. The first week I thought I could tell an improvement since I wasn't dying to take a nap when my DD laid down. Then the PMS hit three days ago (finally started today). And, while I haven't been exhausted (prob since DH has been home to help) I have found myself yawning all day and feeling week. I don't know what to thing right now. My doc said that since I have suffered from these symptoms for so long that I could see improvement in as little as two weeks. I just don't want it to be the placebo effect-just mere excitement that someone is finally telling me what's wrong! But, I'm also wondering if menstruation could mask the results. Or if it could just take longer. I'd love to hear your experiences, thanks!

    ETA: I also should mention that I discontinued what my new doc called a "homeopathic" dose of 6.25 mg of Toprol XL the day I started the Florinef. I had been trying to wean off of it which is why the dose was so low. I still felt rebound effects when I went from 12.5 to 6.25 though.

  7. Thank you for the replies.

    The only reason I'm not getting a wrist monitor is because the first thing my doc said was to get a good bp monitor and not a wrist one when he told me to start taking my bp daily.

    I went to Rite Aid and tried on the Comfit cuff by Omron and it actually wasn't too bad. So, I'm gonna get on Amazon and get the same monitor that cuff was on for $40 less than what the stores want. It's highway robbery!

    Thanks again!

  8. I cannot decide which monitor to buy. I really think I would be fine with the soft, d-ring cuff. But, the next model up comes with an AC adapter and storage case which I want. It also has the Comfit (molded) cuff and I think I remember using them on my patients in the past (dental office) and for small arms (like mine) they could be hard to tighten down. LMK your thoughts! (Soon if possible, :blink: )

  9. I started getting these "tension-type" headaches around the same time I started experiencing POTS symptoms but neither the docs nor I made the correlation. Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is that these types of headaches can be caused by subluxations of the C 1,2,3 vertebrae. These are also the vertebrae that house the nerve pathways responsible for autonomic nervous system regulation. I wish I could add some references to this post but I don't have the time right now. If you look it up you should be able to find some good articles.

    I have always dreaded cleaning up spills on the floor or especially carpet due to the constant change in posture. I always ended up with a headache.

  10. There is an extreme type of dysphagia that I remember reading about when I was reading about esophageal spasms and GERD. I don't remember what it's called (lotta help huh?) but if you Google dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) you should be able to find out more. I hope that helps a little.

    ETA: I did some searching and found what I was talking about. It's called achalasia. I'm not saying this is what you have, only that it made think of this and that you might benefit from reading it.


  11. Apierpoint,

    Thank you! I get so sleepy on even low doses of the beta-blockers too. I was initially on 25 mg of Toprol XL and the previous cardio told me when I was ready to wean off to half it for a few days or a week and then stop. Yeah right! I had the worst rebound effects. So, I stayed on half and started the process of getting a new referral to a new doc. And, the new one is who sent me to the EP. Bless his heart! Anyway, a few weeks before the consult appointment with the EP, I started halving the already halved Toprol XL and I got rebound effects that time too. Just from cutting out 6 mg! So, I was on roughly 6 mg and the EP told me that was basically a homeopathic dose and to stop it whenever I wanted if I started feeling better from the new meds. So, I stopped it that night and of course got rebound. But, still tachy here now. My average for today has been 110-ish. So, what I'm getting at is I know what you mean about being more sensitive to those drugs than most. Most of the time my docs tell me they don't think it's the meds since it's not a common side effect. Ugh, I have gotten really good at monitoring what I take in and how it effects me at this point so don't tell me it isn't OK? lol I'm just so afraid to start the bb back up and get sleepy again. I am so tired of being tired and others looking at me like I'm lazy!! But, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. Take care!

  12. I am sorry if I missed it in your previous posts. But, would you mind elaborating on what your experiences have been with beta-blockers? I am just now seeing a doc who seems to know what he's talking about. He thinks I have POTS, but if not, at least IST. He said the only way he does ablations for this is if they are severely hindered by the condition and no meds will work. I was on beta-blockers for years and my bp kept slowly getting lower until a month ago I was nearly passing out every time I stood up. I was so glad I had my appt with with CardiacElectro scheduled. So, I'm off my beta-blocker now and on salt tabs and florinef. I seem to have more energy already (could be placebo effect or just the new tachy from no beta-blocker) but I am not liking that I have arrhythmias again and tachy a lot of the time. Not a severe tachy episode but almost always over 100. I am pulling for you that you get some good answers. My new doc did say that the reason he doesn't like to do the ablations is because by the time they get all the affecting node ablated then, there is a high risk of future need for a pacemaker for the rest of your life. I'm thinking I may go back on a low dose of beta-blockers along with the florinef/salt an see what that does. I was always tired on the Toprol but that was before the florinef and salt.

  13. I would get a GOOD chiropractor before anything else. I have a good group of docs that take care of my neck and if I could afford more than twice a month, I would. Sometimes I am so congested (blood flow that is) that as soon as I get my adjustment my back and face turn red from the blood rushing back into them. Make sure your docs have a long term treatment plan and prognosis for you and aren't looking to give you a quick fix like some--some I've had.

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