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  1. Hi.  Can you tell me more about your experience with craniosacral therapy?

    The last time I did it for 2 sessions, it made me worse. 

    I think that the therapist caused my vagus nerve to be impinged and I have been dizzy every since.

    So it made my dysautonomia worse.

    I am wondering if I should see another doctor who does it to undo what the last one did.

    1. mountain girl

      mountain girl

      Sorry I just saw your message. I was worse off after the first treatment and did not want to go back, but my husband convinced me to keep trying. I was really trembling all over and don't remember much else, it was so long ago. My cardiologist had recommended the treatment as his daughter had pots and he had seen it help others. After about three treatments I did start feeling better. I told the doctor doing the cranial and he was super gentle with me, and I went every week at first, then two weeks, then three weeks, then once a month. When I lost him due to his retirement and later passing, I went a long time with out a treatment and felt I was slipping backward. I found someone else, and did not feel as terrible as the initial time, but it is like a system change to the body trying to get things balanced. I would keep trying and let him or her know what you experienced. 

      I don't know if that is helpful, but feel free to email me if you have more questions, and tell me how you are doing. Things should return to how they were i think on their own, but I know the cardiologist told us it was normal to feel worse before you felt better. I know that is a scary thought!

      My email is Superplanner@msn.com

      Sometimes my password does not work on dinet, so I check my email.more regularly!

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