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  1. Yeah i read this too... im not sure why my dr is so skeptical just because i don't have fainting problems. I said i had these chronic pains for awhile now and he said that POTS patients usually don't have chronic pain????
  2. Im about to get my first TTT scheduled, and my cardiologist says hes suspect i may not have pots since i don't faint or get syncope. But i have so many other corresponding symptoms such as heart rate increase on standing and blood pressure. Here is my tell tale symptoms. Chest pain, Head aches, Gastro upset, Pelvic pain syndrome(only sometimes) Trachy random times(not that often) Brain Fog, Confusion, Increase heart rate/BP on standing but i don't faint or black out ever. Once in awhile ill get a black haze when standing up but it quickly wares off.
  3. Just wondering how long do your typical flare ups or bad episodes last? ive been feeling terrible symptoms for about 3 days straight now.
  4. mine started around the exact same time last year early June or July interestingly enough
  5. This is kind of yes embarrasing subject, but has anyone noticed pain during a bowel movement from pots? Last 2 days with my flare up of other unusual symptoms passing a bowel movement has become super painful to the point i have to stop. Could this be related to pots??
  6. less. But i did eat alot of calories compared to before. I went from eating maybe like 1000-1500 calories a day to 3000-3500 a day. But its depressing to feel this crash, i am probably doomed to being anorexic looking.
  7. i gained 8-10lbs in 2 weeks but i was eating alot of calories. The thing that suprises me about this wierd issue is that it happened randomly after doing a poor mans tilt table, all i did was lay down stnad up so i dont think it caused it. The exercise was probably 2 days prior, felt ok so/so after it.
  8. After doing well for approx 2 weeks, putting on weight, exercising etc, i randomly without warning feel TERRIBLE. Squeezing chest pains, now just randomly strange sensations in the left chest Squeezing headache sensation on the black left side of my head Tingling in arms and legs Flush feelings, anxiety, etc I just feel so out of it, like i got hit by a bus. Does anyone feel these problems like this? Do you ever feel like your at deaths door? When i have attacks i feel a overwhelming sense of doom that i am going to die. It is really scary and i don't know what to do with myself anymore. I can hardly call my living, living anymore. Even worse with symptoms are issues like this i can't even decide whether or not its a serious problem or if it will pass. It really ***** and i never can decide if i have to go to the hospital etc, my parents don't want to take me usually and i can't say i really want to go after so many times going and being sent home with nothing wrong.
  9. yeah ive had stuff liek that in the past, although this symptom is new. I am hoping my cardiologist calls back today like he is supposed too =/. Although i am 22 and was told i have a fine heart, but i dont know bleh.
  10. only thing i would suggest is focusing on your calories in vs calories out. You may have already done this but figure out what your BMR(basic metabolic rate) is, you can use this calculator here. http://www.internetfitness.com/calculators/bmr.htm Find out what your basic metabolic usage is, add in any exercise you might get. I would suggest eating 500 calories less per day than you use. Depending on your metabolism it may need to be less though. So if your total BMR with exercise or whatever is 2000, try eating 1500 calories per day. I would focus more on how many calories you are getting vs what it is your actually eating.
  11. I started experiencing a wierd new heart symptom. I first noticed it as a squeezing sensation when i was walking very intense felt like i was going to die. I sat down and the symptoms wen't away. Except now i have this constant discomfort feeling, driivng me nuts. It feels as if my heart is touching something inside my body. I am aware of this unusual sensation, its almost as if someone is touching my heart if that makes sense? I have had this constantly pretty much for the last 24 hours and it is concerning me and making it difficult to sleep. I called my cardiologist and hoping for a call back today. Has anyone experienced something this wierd? I also am having random sensations and pain bouts in the same general area, my HR seems fairly normal though and besides the discomfort i feel almost 100% except some pain when i was using hte bathroom etc. Just very concerned. Its wierd because i have gas and it feels like i need to get something out, but the sensation on the heart really does not feel like digestive problems. im not really sure how much longer i can tolerate it, but i just cannot afford the ER again, and i know i will end up kicking myself later probably...
  12. 1. Do you believe -or has a doctor told you - that you experience blood pooling mainly in your legs? Not sure really 2. Have you ever been diagnosed with EDS or suspect that you may have it? No 3. Do you experience symptoms when lying down even after a night of sleep in your bed? sometimes palpitations of shortness of breath 4. Have you ever been diagnosed or suspect that you have what has been called the Hyperadrenergic form of POTS? nope 5. Have you ever been informed by a doctor that you have low blood volume? nope 6. Do you experience stomach-related symptoms similar to what has been described as Irritable Bowel? yes, ibs, maybe gerd 7. Do you believe you experience excessive vasoconstriction of your hands and feet after standing or when symptomatic - which MAY be demonstrated through a feeling of them being cold or without visible veins? not that i know of 8. Did your POTS arrive suddenly? It seems to of come very suddenly, i may of had it very minorly before though 9. Is your skin pale? very 10. Please the top 6 worst symptoms that you experience with POTS: chest pain palpitations confusion dizziness extreme fatigue difficulty gaining weight and exercising
  13. thanks def clears up the misconception, i thought the dizzyness was souly part of low bp, but it makes sense how you explained it.
  14. yeah thats defineintly what it feels like, its really scarey, but i dont want to go to the ER i cant afford anymore ER trips. Its just liek a constricting pain like you said. I feel it lightly sitting on and off today, and standing it got to the point where i felt like i was at deaths door, ack. It doesnt hurt as much as it does scare the **** out of me like a heart attack. im only 22 though so i dont suspect heart attack. This is the first time i've experienced this.
  15. im just hoping i don't have degenerative disease so i hop its just pots, my heart is squeezing bad tdoay hope i dont have to go to hospital
  16. Anyone experience this? first time i have exerpeinced today. It felt like hand grabbing my heart when i stood up was one of the most umpleasant thing si have ever felt. It has gotten better after sitting but i still feel that same discomfort just slightly.
  17. ok this is wierd. I just watched TLC mystery diagnosis and it was orthostatic intolerance! This show just diagnosed me ! LOL. Said blood pressure and heart rate increasing on standing up during tilt table = othostatic intolerance.
  18. I went to my dr and he did a poor mans tilt table test for me. Laying down my blood pressure was 98/68 and my heart rate was in the 70ths. I stand up my blood pressure goes up to 140/something and my heart rate to 110, but then starts droping fairly fast. My dr said this doesn't make sense for dysautonomia for both increasing. He told me to go to acupuncturist now that he can't figure out whats wrong with me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me ??
  19. i have been pushing myself the last few days. The only reason why i am really physically pushing myself is because i know if i don't i will be a hermit and my life will be empty. It might still be this way even with pushing it but its worth a try to get better and back to normal. I worked out yesterday and today i have brain fog/head ache/confusion, but im ok with it, it ***** but atleast i got something done yesterday and trained my muscles. Might as well push it and feel sick than rather than not live at all and be a little more comfortable and probably still feel sick anyway. I think the hint here for people with illness like us is baby steps. Ive been slowly intensifying as much as i can each day.
  20. i know what thats like the depression thing anyway.... I have been playing alot of guitar and writing music to get it out, i also like to workout when i can, i also sometimes do relaxation techniques when i can. I also like to play video games =D. Id say learn guitar or a instrumet nothing is better than actaully getting it with your hobby.
  21. Topic says it all, im gonna post what i did here to gain the weight. Foods: I ate alot of high calorie foods, this did include some fast food, don't be afraid of it, i added mcdonalds apple pies to my diet each morning. 2 apple pies from mcdonalds = 500 calories and 1 dollar and easy to eat not alot of food. Contains high amount of vitamin C and nothing to horrible thats gonna make you turn fat etc. I also take 4 tablespoons of flax oil a day, 480 calories ridiculously easy to get down, its a tablespoon serving size! I also ate high calorie bread from bashas and fruit boxes with every time i ate, 4-5 times a day. Here is a sample of my diet to gain weight. breakfeast 2 mcdonalds apple pies 1 juice box 2 oz almonds aprox 900 calories Meal 2 2-3 slices of deli bread 2 table spoons flax oil applesauce/fruit Juice box aprox 700 calories with crusty style bread meal 3 dinner Misc foods usually around 500 calories Meal 4 same as meal 1 (i order 4 in the morning save 2 for later) Protein shake (this meal is after exercise) almonds or fruits cheese etc aprox 700-900 calories Meal 5 same as meal 2 total Can be anywhere from 2500-3500 daily in calories Now this may not be ideal, but if you want to gain weight you gotta go to certain levels. I have been exercising as much as i can to ensure muscle growth. I usually work out 30 mins or so every other day depending on my symptoms. Exercising includes push ups/ pull ups/ squats etc, no weights used just my own body and olympic gym rings. I hope this helps those trying to gain weight or gives you some new ideas. If you can't gain weight, the answer is your simply not eating enough. (I have the natural skinny fast metabolism body as well) for those interested my symptoms = Tachycardia, mostly random, shortness of breath Chest pain, also worsens exercising Headaches, confusion, light sensitivity IBS, GERD, Prostatitis(urinary)
  22. Excericse does seem to kick my butt, but i am improving. Today i did 3 sets of 1 leg squats, 3 sets of pushups, 3 sets of rows, 3 sets of olympic ring pushups. I want to get buff lol.....some day maybe... some day.
  23. Well history for me keeps repeating over and over. The last few days i started exercising and eating alot of calories getting my weight back on track, everything was going good. I woke up yesterday with runny nose, sore throat, so i thought it might of been my LPR(reflux) acting up. However today i now have a cough burning my chest like crazy( it is def a bad viral infection now ). It is so dissapointing everytime i make an attempt to gain weight back and exercise and get on track something bad happens and i lose all my progress if not more and my body continues to waste away / decondition. Sorry this is probably just venting because everyone else just shrugs me off.
  24. Sorry to hear about all of that, i hope she gets better very soon!
  25. Im taking it like medicine basically lol. I take 1 tablespoon straight with each meal. I am trying to gain weight so i am eating 5 meals a day.... so 5 tablespoons(600 calories) of flax oil, probably seems like a lot but sure ads calories and some **** good omega 3's. Hopefully it will slowly start to obliterate any inflammation i might have. Im trying to get in 3000 calories a day but its not easy thats for sure.
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