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  1. I have been confirmed a dysautonomic but, it is a secondary result of the Herpes Virus attacking the spinal column at the base of my neck. I have struggled with this virus my whole life and have a rare form that my body cannot fight off. I am now taking Famvir and BB and paxil. What was not explained was why I have low renin and low aldosterone yet not the high BP that goes with it. Anyone else have this issue??
  2. Dr Burke is with Scottsdale Cardiovascular Center 3099 E Earl Dr. He seems VERY informed when it comes to dysautonomia, I would defiantly get in to see him if you are looking for a good cardio guy.
  3. Thank you all so much for answering. I have had a TTT that proved negative, I actually felt better when they pushed the meds that are suppose to make you pass out. Though I did have heart fluctuations, they were not consistent with POTS. I had an Ehco and several EKGs, 24 halter, etc. done over a year ago that were all abnormal but, I was given beta blockers to help the symptoms and sent on my way. I am now with a new Doctor who studied with the MAYO, Dr Burke. I have had one visit with him and he believes I have a different form of dysautonomia or a very rare Herpes Virus that has attacked my heart and left it damaged. He is repeating the Echo and halter, doing several blood tests to compare to the old ones. I do not want to be in either condition but, I think the dysautonomia seems very hard to live with and treat. God bless all of you for going through this daily!
  4. Yes I always get relief when sitting or lying down except when I have an illness. I do have the classic 69 lying, 99 sitting, 108 standing but, only when I am having stress related symptoms. I can have plenty of days that the only time I have HR issues is when I try to lift wieghts at the gym or walk up hill.
  5. hmmm...This is where I question what is going on. I truly believe I have a weakend heart muscle as my symptoms match that of congestive heart failure rather than the consistency of a true dysautonomia issue. I have 24/7 symptoms when I have a cold or flu and sometimes wake in the middle of the night with a rapid HR if I have over done it the day before.
  6. Hello, I have been able to confirm that I do not have POTS. My symptoms have gotten better over the last year or so but, not gone. My new cardiologist beleives I have a different form of dysautonomia or a very RARE cardiomyopathy. What I would like to confirm with everyone is this: Do you have symptoms regardless of treatment ie: staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest, eating well? I have found that I only have symptoms (palpatations, dizziness, fatigue, various heart pain) when I have neglected the basics mentioned above, drank alcohol or tried to exercise. I would like to eliminate dsyautonomia but, need more info from you guys! THANK YOU!
  7. Hi Twinmom, I am a twin mom too. I think your readings look normal. I know that when I have the same test done that you have, my heart rate goes from 69 to 99 to 120... This is ALL THE TIME. The only thing that helps my HR is beta blockers. I think what you have is cronic fatigue syndrom with fibermyalsa (spelling?) That would explain the passing out, pain, feeling sick etc. Often having twins can drain your system so much that it can't recover. CFS is a VERY real and VERY disabling syndrome. I think you should research this and see if your doctors can confirm. You are not crazy...I just think you have something other than POTS. With POTS, you can't do anything without a rapid HR, sometimes even laying down doesn't aleive it. As an example, I had the stomache flu last week and even resting my heart rate stayed at 100 to 109. Getting up it went to 120 to 145. I felt like I was dying. Today (a good day), even on my long acting beta blocker, I can feel the palpatations when I vaccum or clean the bathroom, lift the twins etc. Its always there. Keep me posted as to the CFS and fybermalasia
  8. Hi Gary, I had twins via C-Sec. A c-sec that the spinal block did not work! I felt every cut, pull, tear..etc. In addition, I lost alot of blood and got a bad infection. This in it self would be enough but, I did not have my first POTS episode unitl I was bitten by a black widow a year later. I think my body was desperately trying to regulate itself after the trauma and the black widow bite took it over the edge! Basically, everyone's body has its limit. Look at victims of domestic violence or war vetrens that has suffered HORRIBLE trauma, yet they do not have POTS. Yes, it is the "regulator" in the Brain that gets messed up but, who is to know what limit their body has?? I do not beleive its a comprimise of the immune system, I beleive its an overload of addrenal secretions triggered by the illness/trauma that finally burns out the "regulator" in the Brain. That is why some see an improvement, and some don't. The body continues to heal itself and some days our disfunctional autonomic system "kicks in" and some days it just can't take it anymore. Just my 2 cents...keep your head up, I have read that it can spontaniously correct itself....
  9. Thank you all so much. I am feeling much better tonight and was able to eat dinner. I haven't gone to the ER for any of my "episodes" yet. I realize that there isn't anything they can do but, its so tempting when you feel like death warmed over. You guys got me through it today....this is the best ER out there!
  10. I am so sorry your SOOO sick! I haven't been able to take pain meds since I started with POTS either. Makes my BP go way up along with my HR. I do know that you can "become" intolerant of meds even after taking them for some time. Have you thought of doing a complete medication re-evaluation? Maybe you can eliminate some or replace some. I wish I had more advice but, I am so new and I am having a REALLY bad day too. So dizzy now I have to sign off Take Care
  11. Thank you both. I have been able to get down 3 glasses of water and some salty popcorn. I am feeling better while sitting. I will keep up the fluids and try broth. My primary care and cardiologist are both supportive of my going to the hospital, I just don't want to go! I beleive it must be the dehydration and trying to do WAY to much yesterday. Its so nice to have someone to talk too, I don't feel so alone or crazy
  12. Hi all, I am REALLY sick this morning. I would say I have the stomack flu but, this is typical for me on really bad days. I have come so close to going to the hospital but, always feel so stupid that I don't go. This morning I am VERY dizzy, extremely nausous, pale and HR stays in 80 and 90 even when sitting(jumping way up when doing anything else). I feel like I am dying (I am sure you can relate). Would you go to the hospital or wait it out?
  13. Thanks...I will check the older polls.? I am sure the older members get sick of the same old thing...I should have checked first, sorry
  14. In my bad days, like today, my palpatations awalys feel like a flopping fish in my chest. They "radiate" so strongly you can actually see my chest pounding! It can feel like its in your stomach, esspecially after eating. When I am like this, as long as I don't do anything strenuous (like I could:) my EKG and Halter test showed its not life threating. However, when doing a treadmill test during one of these episodes, my EKG shows abnomal HR. I would request a stress test to see what your heart can handle. I can be VERY scary but, unfortunately its part of our condition. Beta-blockers help keep mine in a managable range....
  15. Try Wieght Gainer, its a powered product at health food stores that should help if you can digest it. I also eat LOTS of french fries and ice cream. As we know though, LOTS for us means a small but, hey, is better than nothing.
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