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  1. It's so interesting to me how many people in this forum are somehow involved in the nursing field. I too was going to school to become a nurse (like most of the women in my family, including my mom). I worked so hard in high school to get good grades, and it paid off when I got a full scholarship to my first choice university. I started college having already had POTS for a year- but then in my second semester I started having seizures. Obviously, I wasn't able/allowed to drive. I was/am still living w/ my parents and the school was about 40 minutes away- and was WAY out of the way for my
  2. I've only had Reglan in the ER- but it was NOT a good experience. It is now one of the two drugs that I list under my allergies to medications. It had a strange effect and made me go "psychotic." From all the other posts and from my experience, I would say BE CAREFUL!
  3. At the moment I'm unemployed. This is also my first semester not going to college- where I was studying to become a nurse. When I started going to college I already had POTS, but one semester in, I started having seizures. Because I haven't found a cure (and most likely never will), the possibilty of becoming a nurse is pretty much impossible. Most of the women in my family (including my mother) are nurses, but none of them have POTS. Luckily, I've found a new passion, and when my health gets to apoint where I have control, I plan to go to culinary school.
  4. I'm glad your birthday went so well. We all need a day like that every now and then- and lucky for you, it was on your birthday! I hope the days ahead are just as good for you. Lisa
  5. I have full blown seizures- where my whole body shakes and I'm not conscious. Like you, I can't find a trigger. I've also had the full work-up, and all they could conclude was that I had "non-epiliptic" seizures. I've never connected it to anxiety, but its an interesting thought. I take Prozac, and it has been uped, but I still have seizures. Does Zoloft work differently than Prozac in this instance?
  6. Another great doc is Dr. Grubb. I know he is in Toledo, Ohio, but I'm not sure if he is a part of the Cleveland Clinic that the others talked about. I traveled all the way from Arizona to see him. Good Luck!
  7. CALYPSO, I know exactly what you are going through. I know its scary and I really hope you are able to find something to help soon. The chest pain that you are having is pretty much the same feeling I get. Like you, I also had a cardiologist problem. The cardiologist that diagnosed me with POTS quit seeing patients after he got a grant, and I (like you) was sent to a younger, meaner doctor who didn't even know what POTS was. I haven't seen a cardiologist since. I'm no doctor, but I believe the chest pain that I have is a symptom of POTS. The way I found out how to help my chest pain was
  8. This response is to help Sak, but its great if it helps others too! I'm not sure if what I feel is a panic attack or a warning that I may have a seizure soon- it may be one or the other, or both for that matter. Anyway, I get nervous and jittery . My mom is a RN, so she knows which meds would probably work for me- but we ALWAYS consult my PCP (since we want his opinion and he writes the Rx). When I start to feel extremely jittery, I take an Ativan (the generic is Lorazepam- 0.5mg). It is not something I take daily, just when I feel an an attack coming. What also helps is oxygen. My docto
  9. To all who have responded, I feel like "Thank You" is not enough; but I GREATLY appreciate all of your support. You have no idea how much it has helped. When I saw that I had so many responses (and because of your kind words), I began to cry. I know now that there are people who TRULY understand what I'm going through (because you are too), and more importantly, people who care. Before I had POTS I was the most optimistic person in the world, and I hate that I'm losing that quality (which I hope to gain back soon). However, I still believe that God has a plan for me, that includes being
  10. I just joined yesterday and this is my first "topic"- but it the most important to me. I was diagnosed with POTS in 2000 after I had every test imaginable (spinal tap, CT, MRI, bla, bla, bla) and a neurological resident was telling me there was nothing else they could do (for my headaches), while he was taking my pulse. He knew something was strange, so he sent me to the cardiologist who diagnosed me with POTS. It was my senior year of high school, so I was a "dependent" of my parents. Long story short- tons of medical bills for my FAMILY. I was totally healthy until that point, and I was
  11. I'm 21 and still living at home with my parents. I received a full scholarship to my first choice university, so while I was attending, I was still a dependent. However, I had to drop out this semester because of my POTS. We were wondering what to do and came across a thing called COBRA. I don't know how recently you had to quit work, but it is for situations when you find yourself w/o insurance for a short time because of an emergency/illness. I'm not sure exactly how it all works, but its worth looking into. By the way, can I join your pity party?!? I know how you feel. I was a strai
  12. I have "failed" the tilt table test twice. So, like you, I also have a hard time standing in the same position for extended periods of time. I'm 21, so when I take a seat instead of letting someone else have it, I'm probably seen as an unrespectful "young" lady. This mostly happens while waiting to be seated at a restaurant (at the bar or in the waiting area). Luckily, my entire family knows and understands my need to sit; but I do feel judged by others waiting ( i.e. why doesn't she let her mother sit?). I have to remind myself that the only people's opinions I care about are those of my
  13. This is my first post, but I saw your question about Neurontin and figured it was a good place to start. I was diagnosed with POTS in 2000. I live in Arizona but my doctor sent me to Dr. Grubb in Ohio. He put me on Neurontin at that time because I explained to him that the worst symptom for me was/is headaches. I've seen other posts mention migranes, but my headaches don't fit under that category; I don't have a sensitivity to light or sound. My headaches were/are constant, so I'm not sure that it ever really helped. My PCP here tried to taper me off of the Neurontin, but when I got to a
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