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  1. Some may have heard of the Swine or Pig flu that has started to spread. just wanted to put out a notice to everyone. If this things does become pandemic we are a very bad target. Our bodies are already sick, and this flu can be deadly.
  2. Shortly after getting diagnosed I developed a scale to rate how I was doing each day and what symptoms I was having. 0= Perfectly normal day, No Symptoms. (I have had 1-2 of these since diagnosis) 1= My new Normal, Slight lightheaded, slight headache (My most common day) 2= Mild Symptoms, Increased headache, trembles, Light head, slight dizzy, brain fog (2-3 days a week) 3= Bad Symptoms, Very shaky, Migraine, Sweats, Brain Daze, very dizzy. (4-6 times a month) 4= Pre-Syncope, Bad shakes, Sweat, Light Headed, feel of passing out. (3-4 Times year now) 5= Syncope, Complete pass out, migraine, di
  3. That is the exact reason why I posted this. Reading the entire article the unit uses a different method to get the BP. It will not have inflate and will be just like a pulse monitor. Yes, it is 5 years away but it is an advancement that could be very useful for those of us facing BP problems.
  4. Found this via digg: http://digg.com/health/Wearable_blood_pres...nitoring?OTC-ig and the direct article: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2009/blood-p...ure-tt0408.html
  5. I know that when I first got diagnosed I was told that men are even more rare to have dys. I am curious as to who, and how many on this forums are a guy like myself. Was just thinking that we can chat some since we may have some differences then the nice ladies here do.
  6. First DINET Chat. Friday April 3rd, 2008 at 8:00 EDT
  7. Mine is a very long, and yet to proven theory. When I was born I was smart and did not want into this world. The Dr. was forced to use forceps to bring me out. The forceps had been used to hard (evidenced by two "Frankenstein" bald spots.) Later in life I started to have a nervous tic in which I twirl my head a bit. (imagine nodding yes and no at the same time) My belief is the forceps use caused some motor reflex damage that caused the tic. So I spend my life with a twirling head which constantly is manipulating the neck area. It has been shown that certain neck injuries can bring on the Dy
  8. We should set as day and time that we can all meet for a chat!
  9. I also would like to get more information about this Dr. Denver is just a brief train ride for me and I would like the chance to actually see a specialist.
  10. One of the worst parts of having an "Invisible Disease" is that people SEE that you look fine and healthy so they do not understand how you really feel.
  11. Dani, I know how that is. I just a 2 weeks ago went through a very bad week. Sometimes I lost hope and thought I was not going to recover again..... I Did though. This week I was back able to attend school and things seem to be stable again. As I understand you are fairly new too this disorder and it will take time to determine the "New You" it took me almost two full years at first. The best you can do is use all the support that you can. Learn what things help you, and those that make things worse. Unfortunately for us we have to somewhat be our own doctors. I wish you the best, and hope yo
  12. Hey Dani, Welcome aboard. I also am trying to handle college. I ended up missing last week do to a relapse and it scares me of if I will not finish. Luckily I again am improving and made class tonight. I still had some brain fog, but luckily the teacher understands and is just glad im physically there. I hope that you will get to the point you can finish your schooling.
  13. I wrote this shortly after being diagnosed seven years ago. I thought I would share it with you all: This poem is dedicated to all those who suffer from Dysautonomia. Please feel free to share it. I use it to get my head back up, and have some hope.
  14. I get quite a few hot flashes. I don't know if that is what you are experiencing or not. It is one of the key symptoms that I am getting into a more severe 'spell'
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