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  1. Thank you all for writing about this! Of course I am intolerant to heat and cold, but I would put up with almost anything if only it would stop changing! Any rise or fall in barometric pressure makes my head feel like it's going to explode. It feels like when I used to dive, and would go to the bottom of the 14-foot pool. Except I feel it all day long. I call them "pressure headaches." Here's the weird thing: my dad gets them too, and he doesn't have POTS, or really anything "wrong" with him!
  2. May your glimmer of hope turn into a RAY OF SUNSHINE FOREVER. Thanks for sharing your great news with me. xxx's bellamia~

  3. I was recommended by an MD to try HBOT a few weeks ago, but have not yet started because of the cost. However, a friend sent me an inside document from my insurance company on "codes" for which it will pay! I now just have to find a facility that will take the rx. If anyone wants a copy of this document (confidential, of course), to show your MD so that s/he can write you an rx that your insurance company may cover, do not hesitate to contact me. Hey, I'll try anything at this point!!! Erin
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