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Rene S.

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    Jamison, PA
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    Used to be shopping, socializing with friends, volunteering but for now, it's the computer, doing puzzles, reading, enjoying my 2 cats.

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About Me

I'm 49, mother of two wonderful daughters, one is 20 the other almost 24. Was diagnosed with fibro/cfs nearly 9 years ago. Was managing ok, with zoloft and klonopin and BHRT. Hard times hit 3 years ago when my husband of nearly 25 years announced he wanted a divorce.

Now, being taken off of anti-depressants and BHRT without tapering, I'm suffering so. Can Stress lead to dysautonomia? I had my offcial diagnosis on 2/9/09. Failed the tilt table test. Pulse is rapid. Was on beta blockers for awhile but they seemed to depress me more.

See and EP cardiologist who insists there is nothing wrong with my heart and wants to try Pindolol. Have anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, dizziness, headaches, nausea, GERD, IBS and B/P is all over the place. HR raises while standing. Have developed a fear of driving or going out. Exhausted all the time.

I used to be a fun, vibrant woman. Where is she???

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