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  1. Thanks for your replies! Lifesaver, very interesting that it was your left nipple too! I presumed that it was because of the ring in that one, but perhaps not. Though mine aren't any different than usual visibly. I hadn't been able to find nipple pain/soreness as a listed side effect anywhere but it was just too much to be a coincidence. Nice to know I'm not going crazy lol. Simmy, I guess the blood flow to the male nipple is different than the female? Ours are a bit more complicated with the milk ducts and such, though I have no doubt that the hardness and discomfort you experienced is
  2. Ok, so I started on Midodrine a little while ago and at first was just getting the crawly/tinglies. Annoying, but no big problem really. Then I start to have some nipple 'issues'. Now I'm pretty sure we're all adults here so I can talk about this without freaking anyone out I have some... 'hardware' in my left nipple, in the form of a silver ring, had it for years and years. So my nipples were a bit uncomfortably sensitive for a few days then wham! My left one really starts to hurt. Hurt ALL day, and at night even the sheet brushing over me would wake me up, if I happened to roll over
  3. you deserve only the best of care. I hope you find find the care you deserve! Hang in there!!! Please take care of yourself and know you will always have friends and support here...

    xxx's Bellamia~

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