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  1. For me, I got POTS in 2004 and developed seasonal allergies in 2006. So i'm not sure, they could be related. i never really thought about it but that's interesting! lol
  2. YES! Definitely. I find that I tend to have a virus for about 3 times as long as others have it. Right now I have what I believe was supposed to be just a 24 hour stomach bug, yet 4 days later I am still feeling crappy No fun!
  3. Thanks for all the replies guys! To answer some questions, the doctor situation for me right now, is quite crappy. I had a wonderful doctor (the one who diagnosed me with POTS), but this summer I had to stop seeing him as I turned 19 and he was a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Now, all I have is a family doctor, who i cannot for the life of me get ahold of (I called for a week straight and the office doesn't even have an ANSWERING MACHINE?!?) so i have contacted my OLD doctor asking if i can't see him if he can possibly refer me to SOMEONE else as I can't be living with this chronic condition with no doctor! He is looking into it further but has said he doesn't know of any in my city, so even if i were to find one it might be a 6 hour drive just to get there So as far as that goes, I have no doctor to consult as of now. I too considered going back on the Zoloft, but I really want to give being off it a shot before I do. I am worried that if i go back on it I will never know if this depression was just the withdrawal, and if it was, I would be able to live comfortably without the medication! It scares me to think that I could still be having withdrawal symptoms over a month after being completely off of it. The fact that a drug can do that just gets to me. lol. Also my POTS symptoms have remained the same throughout it all, so I feel like it was not helping in that respect?
  4. I had craniosacral therapy as well as mayafacial (sp) therapy and I enjoyed, and benefited from both of them! I wish I could still go, but unfortunately the therapist i was seeing for these treatments works at a children's hospital and once i turned 19 i was booted! haha. good luck at your app. and i hope all goes well! -Shannon
  5. Hi everyone, I decided to make a post about what i have been feeling lately, to see if any others with POTS have had similar experiences. So basically, I have been feeling quite depressed lately. And the confusing part is that it isn't for any particular reason. I have had POTS close to 6 years and I feel that I have a pretty good handle on it now, and can deal with it quite well. I have been happy while suffering from POTS. For a bit of background info, I was on Zoloft for the past 3 years or so. I was NOT put on an anti-depressant because I was feeling depressed, but because of the research showing that SSRIs can help POTS in some patients. This year I decided I wanted to get off of the Zoloft, because I didn't really feel that it could be helping all that much. Of course I did this with my doctor's blessing and did it very slowly. Was on 100 mg and went down to 75 for 2 weeks, then 75/50 for 2 weeks, then 50/25 for 2 weeks, then 25 for a full month, then 25 every second day. It took me months to get off it, and i did experience lots of common withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, headaches, dizzyness, crying fits, anger, but alas i have been completely Zoloft free for close to 3 months now. However, during all this time, I have been feeling very depressed. I cry almost daily, and not because i am sad about any one thing in particular but because every little thing that goes wrong, a bad mark on an assignment, a small argument with a friend of family member, little things that used to easily be dealt with feel like they are the end of the world, and i just have this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Even when nothing seems to be going wrong in my life, I get sad and upset for no reason and just start crying. I have NEVER experienced this before, and am wondering what is going on with me?! I feel like it is important to stress that i have NEVER been depressed before, my family doesn't really have a history of depression, and even when my POTS was at my worse, when i cried, i cried for a reason! I am wondering now if i could still be going through withdrawal from the Zoloft so long after I stopped it! I have, like I'm sure most of you have, heard horror stories about Zoloft and other anti-depressants withdrawal and have even heard of a few select cases where the withdrawal symptoms were experienced for months after but i'm pretty sure it is quite rare? So I guess my question to all of you would be, have you ever experienced anything like this? What have your experiences been with depression, anti-depressants, and withdrawal? Any advice would be very much appreciated! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! -Shannon
  6. i was born a couple weeks premature. also had jaundice.. interesting to read all of these responses!
  7. thanks gwen! yepp the other 2 are my best friends . they don't have POTS, but they're pretty amazing about understanding.
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