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  1. I cant travel at all anymore... I dont even drive on long trips because the traffic triggers so much adrenaline that my sleep patterns that night have me jerking out of sleep, just as Im falling to sleep. Then even if I fall asleep, im up in two hours wide awake, and have to lay there for an hour or more to fall back out...Its all from the over flow of adrenaline, and cortisol that elevates from the adrenaline... that happens in response to anything outside my normal day. I just have to realize I have an illness that requires life restrictions and I have to deal with them...Doctors in this are
  2. Its near impossible for your personality not to change with this illness...How can you be expected to blend in, and socialize with others when your body is going through BP, HR, and other metabolic fluctuations wile your trying to be social. Ive had to carry on conversations wile I was getting hit with vertigo, gray outs, or adrenaline spikes...It's not easy, let alone going on a date, or a trip...For every disease their is life changes that have to be altered to accommodate the illness...Iv been single for a long time now because of this illness, but I still walk 3 or 4 miles a day, and try
  3. I get that along with some very pronounced PVC's and, or PAC's right in the middle of a very good orgasm, meaning one that I have held off letting go of for more then a half hour or more and have built up a lot of adrenaline in the process. It use to scare the bejeguz out of me, but I kinda expect it now and then now...Unfortunately it seems to happen with the level and quality of the orgasm itself...lol...So for me its a trade off, if I keep it tame it dosent happen, but if I let it really build up for a wile without releasing, it tends to be a problem. I do believe it can be a real problem i
  4. I just happen to be taking a BP reading wile I was driving on the express way to drop off some saxophones to a school. My BP has been low for a month now due to vasodilatation which I get every summer when the temps go up. At the very moment the BP monitor was taking the reading a police car pulled up right on my bumper and got my attention real quick. My reading was 245/145...I shook my head and took another reading after the police car went around me about a minute later, and it was 105/78 ...Machine error or a crazy reaction to the fear...Hmm...Any thoughts? Seems like a drastic spike, eve
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