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  1. Friday7, Yes, Restasis 2x a day, Refresh Liquigel eye drops up to 6x a day, and Genteal nighttime eye ointment in the evening before bed all for the eyes. All were told to me to be used by my eye doctor. He also recommended putting restasis in frig, so to cut back on some of the burning, does help a little, and can use the vial for more than one use if kept in frig because is so expensive. I can usually get 2-3 tx out of one vial. The Refresh Liquigel and Genteal are over the counter.
  2. I had a plug put in one eye for a trial basis, I initially felt a difference but then none. I didn't feel worth putting other one in, I was still using same amount of Refresh liquigel drops in addition to Restasis. I also use Genteal nighttime eye ointment and can tell a difference if I don't use it at night. It wasn't uncomfortable putting it in or anything, but just different for me. Best wishes.
  3. Yes, I have had the test, numerous times now, not my favorite thing. I do have dry eyes, I am on Restasis 2xday, Refresh liquigel up to 6xday, and a nighttime gel ointment also which helps most days. Fatigue increases symptoms as does computer and or reading which I can only do about 45 minutes at a time. They just burn a lot and I've gotten used to it and learning to live with it along with the other symptoms.
  4. I had one punctal plug put in one eye, initially I felt a difference but then I didn't. When I went back, we decided not to get the other one done and just to continue with all the drops and ointments. As for the Restasis, my dr. recomended putting in frig to help with the burning, it does seem to help. I also put in Genteal nighttime ointment prior to bed which seems to help also which is over the counter recommended by dr.
  5. I take 2.5mg 3xdaytime hours and it helps me a lot. I can really tell a difference if I have to get up earlier in the morning prior to taking the meds and try to function, it doesn't work very well. I do better a couple hours after I have taken the meds.
  6. 1. Do you believe -or has a doctor told you - that you experience blood pooling mainly in your legs? The doctor has told me blood pools in lower part of body, abdomen and legs as he discussed POTS 2. Have you ever been diagnosed with EDS or suspect that you may have it? no, although have been told by rheumatoid dr that have very mobile joints 3. Do you experience symptoms when lying down even after a night of sleep in your bed? occasional increased HR 4. Have you ever been diagnosed or suspect that you have what has been called the Hyperadrenergic form of POTS? yes 5. Have you ever been inform
  7. For my migraines, I take Frova and maybe a muscle relaxer depending on my symptoms at the first sign. I also take Fioricet for bad headaches as OTC meds don't work at all.
  8. I have said something about my eyes along with all my symptoms since my first doctors visit. It really concerns me. I get blurry vision. I ride down the rode and at times can't read the road signs. I can't read what is written on the tv. My eyes at times are jumpy and make it unable to read a book/magazine. I went to my eye doctor for my routine check up and mentioned these things along with floaters. She said my vision was ok, everything was ok, probably the POTS. But I can't see! I was sent out the door. Was very discouraged and going to again mention this to my POTS dr because it
  9. I have had to adjust myself to be able to cook or bake. I start and then have to sit down, check on things, sit down again, and back and forth. Sometimes, my husband or son has to finish whatever I am cooking and some things I have given up on because my stand time isn't long enough to make homemade dumplings, or really nice dinners anymore. Thank goodness for my family because then have been very helpful because all too often they have had to help finish whatever I have started cooking because I can't finish it any more or have passed out. I also have had sciatica several years ago with 2
  10. Thanks so much ptalaura! I am hoping to find a dr willing to at least listen to my concerns. His office said that a first appointment is 1 1/2 hours long. That's by far longer than any appt. I've had so far. I'm glad you are pleased with your treatments. Do you live in MD? I am from the "countryside" of Western MD. Babette Actually I live in DE and travel 2 hours for each way for the appts. but it was a lot closer then Minnesota.
  11. I go to Columbia, MD and was also referred by that same hospital. He was very thorough and and was the first doctor that actually listened to all my concerns and symptoms and took me seriously. He did his own testing and so far I have been pleased with the treatments and visits. It was a choice of Columbia or Minnesota at the Mayo clinic and I don't regret it choosing Columbia at all.
  12. I know what is like to not be heard and not be believed with your symptoms. I have changed all my local doctors to out of town and had to go out of state and 18 months of testing( and still feeling like you aren't being listened to or believed "its in your head") before being referred to a neurologist for POTS. I am so thankful for a diagnosis and validation after 20 months. Although a November hospital stay, my husband told them I was recently diagnosed with POTS, however, I guess, they thought I made it up or something, nothing on my records about it and the records indicated this is not
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