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    I love photography, especially of my family, pets, and nature. I also like sports with my kids, swimming, riding bikes or ball. (at least I used to.)I also like scrapbooking which goes with the photography. I also like working on our home and yard. I just wish I had the energy to do it all again!

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I am a 37 year old mother of 2 children. I became sick in May of 2004, but realized that it had been showing itself for some time before that. I went from a active mother who was always on the run and doing things. Played sports with my kids, went for long walks, and did whatever I wanted. (but didn't appreciate just being able to do that like I would now.)In May of 2004 I woke one night, and was numb, my heart was beating in my throat, and my blood pressure was 186/112. I went to the ER where I live, and began taking medications, and was never the same again. After 1 to 1 1/2 years trying different medications I was horribly sick. The list of symptoms I've had is just outrageous. I was finally taken off all medication, and began to see improvement. After 3 years off I was feeling better, but not normal yet. I had a dental appointment, and due to a aortic valve insuficiency had to take an antibiotic. I had a reaction to it, and took some benadryl, and so started medications again. This only lasted a week, but it was long enough to make me very sick again. Then I started seeking answers because I was just so sick. I had dyes, and medications for testing, and became worse. Finally we were getting no where with our local Doctors, so I made an appointment with the Mayo Clinic. There it was discovered that I had secondary hyperparathyroidism. And I thought ok. Thats it. I'm done, and all I have to do is take some vitamin D! Then I got a call, and another test had come back positive. It was the ACHR.neurel.gangl.AB test. I sat stunned as she explained the relationship to cancer, and cancer cells, and that I would need to see a neurologist and said it is a nerological autoimmune disease. I did the TTT on January 16 th 2009, and the doctor called me and said I have Orthostatic Intolerance. I still have some tests to go. I had a dialated esophogus, which goes with the dysmotility that the GI doctor suspected me of having. So am still finding out more about my illness, but am very happy to have found so much support and understanding here on this site. There are so many caring people here, who know first hand how hard it is to be sick. I applaud you all for being so strong, even faced with this intollerable condition. I pray for healing for all here.

Healing Hugs to everyone


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