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    I love photography, especially of my family, pets, and nature. I also like sports with my kids, swimming, riding bikes or ball. (at least I used to.)I also like scrapbooking which goes with the photography. I also like working on our home and yard. I just wish I had the energy to do it all again!

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  1. Hi everyone, I have also had a bad experience with chiropractic adjustment. The problem was that my neck wasn't ready to be cracked. It did crack on the one side, where I always get a crack, but when he tried the other side nothing, and unfortunatly he tried 3 times. What I have found is very similar to what Ashelton describes which is that my neck almost adjusts itself. The symptoms build as the neck is getting tighter, and usually after a neck massage some time after that it cracks. I stretch it, but it is minimal that I stretch it. And this is what was making me better for quite some time.
  2. Hi, Made me feel good to know I'm not the only one. When I first got sick I was a regular ER visitor. I was labled crazy. Never helped except when given an iv once in a while helped me pull out a little. After diagnoses once when I passed out in public, and was told by a mean nurse to go home and not come back. I do faint, but don't go to the hospital for it, unless I don't come to, then I won't have a choice....I just come to, and then lay down a lot. Suzy
  3. Hi everyone, I just posted a little while ago because my symptoms flaired after my neck cracked, and my symptoms flaired back up. At my doctor I found that what I had wondered and suspected all along was true, and that was that my neck problem, which is actually spinal cord compression of the c-4 and c-5 would cause the problems I was having. So while suffering again and looking for some type of peace with it I was searching on your tube, and the first video I found was a girl with EDS who got dysautonomia when she sublexed (partially dislocated) her neck. For me all my problems started a coup
  4. LMG, when I was at my worse was about 2 years that was 2004 to 2006. These years consisted of drug treatments and interactions, then a year of recovering from those reactions. My illness at this time was severe, and without going on and whining about it I will just say that I could not have gone on that way for long. then from 2006 to 2008 I was still pretty sick, but was happy for the function that I had. I was able to get off my floor where I spent almost all my time, and begin joining life again. Each day away from the medications was a better day for me. Then I believe it was 2008 when I w
  5. Hi Naomi and LMG, I have been looking for a neck connection with my illness since it started, because the symptoms started very soon after I had side to side whiplash, and as time went on were relieved by my neck "cracking" which by the way is something I do because my body tells me to, not because I am trying to fix it. I did go to a chiropracter once in the beginning of this, but he did a quick crack which he was able to do on one side, and then tried 3 times on the other side with no results. That ended up being not such a good thing for me, so I quit going, but never stopped looking for th
  6. Hi Hanna, Did you also have the antibodies to the ganglia? I have luckily had longer and longer stretches of doing well, which I can't say enough about. Sorry yours flairs up so often. When I was first sick it was 24hrs 7 days a week no relief for probably the first 3 years. I actually just came from my natural Dr today, who specializes in something with the bones etc. but not just chiropractic. When I gave her all my medical records she looked at them, then I handed her the one where my c-4 and c-5 were compressing my spinal cord. It was like a light went off in her head, and she told me ever
  7. Hi Sue, and thank you. I believe most of it boiled down to one big thing for me, but it was also a lot of other little things I did. When I first got sick one of the tests that came back abnormal for me was a pinched nerve in my neck. Or so I thought thats what it was. I always had a very tight neck, and I had this internal need to always crack it in the direction it needed to go. And it wasn't like a chiro crack it would get so tight I could barely move, then it would crack so bad people could here it in another room of my house. Well it started to crack a lot, and I noticed a pattern of it c
  8. Hi to everyone! I am a member who came to this site in 2008 when I first found out that I may have autoimmune dysautonomia. I used to come here often and always found so much support and compassion. I have seen quite a few names here from before that I remember, and it is good to see you all again. Wish under better circumstances. I learned a lot in dealing with my illness from here, and was well on my road to recovery....I would even say I was 80 to 90 percent better. Until recently I became dehydrated from working outside in the heat, and had a couple other things happen, when wham out of th
  9. Hi Brynne, I actually made a similar post after I was first diagnosed. My husband bought me a wheelchair, and I was torn between wanting to have the freedom to do things, and what the wheelchair meant to me. In the end I couldn't have been happier that he bought it for me. I now have an electric wheelchair, and a manual one. I had been doing pretty good and in fact believed myself to be better, and the wheelchair sat in my shed for probably about 7 or 8 months. I just recently pulled it back out. If you are on here asking about it, I really don't believe you will become dependant. Any time I c
  10. Hi dani, I am an old member that hasn't been on for about a year now, but I decided to read some posts today, and really wanted to answer yours. I just wanted to say that it doesn't matter what your choice is you will feel bad for being sick. I had my kids at home when I first got sick, and it was difficult, but what I wanted to do. I actually had someone tell me that I was being a bad mom, and I should put my kids in daycare because it wasn't fair to them to watch me be sick all the time. That they needed to be around healthy people. They didn't know because they didn't know me very well, but
  11. Yes. I really believe it can get better on it's own. I am doing better. I believe that I am going to have full recovery. It just takes some time. Meds made me sicker, and the longer I am off them the better I feel. But that is for me. I posted"what's in a name", and it explains how I am doing better. Don't lose hope. Positive thinking can only help. And you obviously like to think positive as you are on here looking for positive input. Suzy
  12. Yes. I really believe it can get better on it's own. I am doing better. I believe that I am going to have full recovery. It just takes some time. Meds made me sicker, and the longer I am off them the better I feel. But that is for me. I posted"what's in a name", and it explains how I am doing better. Don't lose hope. Positive thinking can only help. And you obviously like to think positive as you are on here looking for positive input. Suzy
  13. Hi again everyone, So good to see so many familiar names, and a couple of new ones too! Broken Shell, so good to hear from you. I remember not to long back both you and I were going through a rough patch together. I hope that means your doing well now too. Hi Jan, good to hear from you! The drug metabolizing test was one I had done at mayo. If you are missing pathways for the drugs to travel through you don't metabolize them like normal people. So a normal adult dose would be like an overdose for me. And for about 8 months I was on all different kind of drugs while they were trying to figure
  14. Hello Everyone. For those of you who remember me hello, and sorry I haven't been around. My computer was hit by a virus and was put to rest!! For Christmas I was given the choice of a new camera, (one I have been wanting my whole life!) Or a new computer. Needless to say I have taken many beautiful photographs! In my grandmothers things though was an old but workable computer. So here I am. And for those I haven't met yet I look forward to talking to you. I thought I would come here, and share with you all how I have been doing. First of all I have improved greatly with my health. But I be
  15. Momtogiuliana, Thank you so much. It is so much harder on the kids isn't it? Mine are a little older, 13 and 10, but this is the first death (other then a pet frog) that they have experienced, and I am proud of how well they are handling it. They have been very helpful with all that we have had to do this last week. gomindy21, thank you for the prayers and encouragement. Sorry I haven't been here. This week we had to clean out my grandmas house which was both physically and emotionally draining. I am very grateful to have been left with what I needed to handle it for the most of it. There wa
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