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  1. as far as those bp readings to me thats not bad my bp changes like the wind and i get hot and cold too all the time//// i know exactly how u feel about the sleep thing...there were times it happend so much id stay up for days and that just makes it way worse eventually u fall asleep uncomfortably :) but its better than staying up days at at time becasue it gets worse... i get that same thing and one added component somtimes is i gasp for air for a sec like my body stops! like when u die all the breathing heart everything stops for a sec until i gasp for air..that hasnt happened in awile though but its scary..and this is from a girl whos been through the ringer with testing with no avail..so i dont know how i can help :D

  2. hi my name is nicole

    im 23 yrs old

    i was diagnosed with pots in august of this year /been sick since late april

    i dont know what caused the pots yet

    i am taking atenolol 25mg (half) bc pills yamin and bromocriptins for a prolactin thing

    my heart rate off pills standing was up to 140 mostly about 120 now its less than 100 with half a pill

    my bp gets pretty low now which wasnt a problem at ist

    i am from massachusetts

    my symptoms since this started

    lightheaded all the time sometimes dzzy

    feeling very anxious

    racing heart when standing and even waking up in the middle of the night with one

    tingling in hands and feet//partial numbness in feet

    severe head pressure not headache



    low bp

    nausea somtimes

    i had the runs all the time at ist

    lost alot of weight

    my symptoms now


    tachy while standing with low bp


    gained weight

    chest pains..before too

    headaches somtimes

    nausea somtimes not often and not that severe

    LUMP in throat tightning in esphagaus

    somtimes numb hands wrists waking up just partial numb like i layed on them

    theres probably way more i cant think of

    oh hot flushed cold sweats walking around

    i have to put this i cant belive i forget it was the scariest symptom i had

    somthing like my heart stops and i have to gasp for air i feel like im going to have a seizure but i dont (that happened at ist alot)

  3. i dont think thats why i veer to the right ive never actually fainted so i dont htink its that for me///im thinking maybe inner ear related? the thing is my ears arent blocked and they dont hurt so i dont know if that is it ,,,i dont think its pots though i dont htink pots soes that but ive been like that since it started in april im wondering what is casuing this makes me think its more than pots and thats what casueing pots too i think geez i hate this....what i have is like a mystery

    and if it was my inner ear i think it would have gone away by now its been 6 months straight so i dont know if its that either what the heck! can anyone think of anything knowiung i had mris and ct scans normal theres gotta be somthing causing it

  4. hi i never mentioned this before but when i am walking i feel like im veering to my right i can still walk a straight line if told to i passed all the neuroligical exams and had mris but i feel off balance and like im walking sideways! i guess i can still control it without people noticing it but i feel it my balance is def off my ears dont hurt though i wonder what it is does anyone else experice things liek this

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