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  1. Hi Serena- I was dx with POTS in 2006 and later with EDS Hypermobile type in 2009. I guess I've had it all my life and never knew (I'm 48 now). I have always been double-jointed but never dislocated anything. I did hurt my back and hip in 2010 which the doctors feel may be EDS related, but I'm a lot older than your son. My POTS treatment didn't change after it was found out that I had EDS. Kept same protocol in place. Keeping my leg muscles strong REALLY helps. I am glad that I know I have EDS though because I saw a physical therapist who suggested exercises that protect my joints.
  2. Hi I was dx in Sept. 2006. Took me 2 years to slowly come back. Eventually I was off all my meds. (mestinon, midodrine, venlafexine) and doing okay. It was not that I had no symptoms, but with continued loads of water, salt and exercise I was doing alright. I was able to keep up with my kids,walk, ride my bike, cross-country ski... and finally return to work (part-time by choice). Felt great,really great... so I guess it could be called a remission. I thanked God... everyday. Now after almost 2 1/2 years of "remission" all symptoms have come roaring back for an unknown reason. I'm back on meds
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