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  1. merry christmas from Toronto. Everyone be safe...
  2. you guys are too funny. please have a happy holiday!!!! stay safe. much love, Doug
  3. have you ever considered becoming completely VEGAN??? if you follow a very healthy diet it forces your fibre intake to mulitply ten fold and may help with your digestion... i know it helped many people before.
  4. I am sorry you had to go through what you did. I too would file a complaint. it is unfortunate that "doctors" are so ignorant to so many things in this world of ours. just because of medical degrees and mis-spent money at high priced school dont expect treatment when you walk into an office, EVER! do us all a favor, educate your self!!!!! be your own doctor..... go to his superiors and file a complaint, if you post his name on here i will help you find his superiors, i promise!
  5. What does Anyone know about treatment using this? It is widely used in Japan and there is a lot of research done to support it? Does anyone have an oppinion or personal experience with it or coconut oil???
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