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Featured Member: Dorothy Hilde


DINET member name: Dot Dash Hilde
Dorothy's hometown:  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Diagnosis: POTS
Website:  https://www.amazon.com/Ms.-Dorothy-L.-Hilde/e/B0748429VH
Photography Website: www.dorothyhildeart.com
Email:  timely_dottie@hotmail.com

About Dorothy....

Dorothy Hilde is a mother of two boys. She lives in Saanichton, B.C.  She hasDorothyHilde_bioPhoto.thumb.jpg.18f1622ed8a0ce69d6f180b2eb0d84d2.jpg
 one grandson, Sawyer, and a mischievous rescue, Dash. She has a passion for photography, gardening, writing, and art.   She is a published author with a series of children’s books called the Life of Dash.  Her favorite past-time is hiking (latte in hand) along the seaside or in the dense rain-forest of Vancouver Island with her dog, Dash, a.k.a. the blue-eyed beauty.

Dorothy's most recent book "What's on your nose?" is being released on December 15th on Amazon.com  at the link above.  

From Dorothy about the book....

"In this humorous tale of a dog, her companions, and a WhatsOnYourNose.thumb.jpg.e0a5b4a8919c7adabd3314726c959110.jpglittle girl, we learn about why dogs wear muzzles, that muzzles are not scary and that not only do people muzzle their dogs due to “regulation,” but that there are 34 other reasons to choose to muzzle a dog… heck… and probably more!"

In Dorothy's words.....

"I am 47 and I suffer from dysautonomia/POTS.  I felt I was "crazy;" was told I was a "hypochondriac" and that 20-year-old woman go around fainting for attention, not 40-year-old woman.  It took 25 years to be diagnosed.  Many people around me never believed or do not believe that I have a chronic illness.  I put on a brave face.   

I have good days, bad days, and in between days.  Days of fluctuating levels of syncope, DorothysBooks.thumb.jpg.eb350df212c5f5a47cec83cecf29e603.jpgpresyncope, serenity, anxiety, pain, exhaustion, foggy head – just to name a few of my symptoms.  Days where day-to-day activities are so overwhelming that the only recourse is to
hibernate; however, for myself, hibernation is the worst thing that I can do.  Resting causes my blood pressure to drop.  A day of rest can send me into a tailspin of days of presyncope and ultimately syncope.

In October of 2015, I adopted a rescue from Yellowknife. Her name is Dash.  She is a Siberian husky x, who is a 5a32f5e1bffbc_Dash-TulisaPark.thumb.jpg.8d40b52975ba17e5a8728545fe5e37a1.jpgmischievous, lovable, naughty, grey hair causing dog?  A rendition of a true husky owner's life.  Having to walk her on a daily basis has forced me to push through the bad days and get out and get moving.

I cannot express enough how important it is for individuals with chronic illness to have a good support system and I would like to thank DINET for all your resources in this respect and for the opportunity to be part of this project."


Photo:  Dash the Siberian Husky who inspired Dorothy's series of children's  books.  Photo by Dorothy Hilde.

Edited by edriscoll

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