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Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2020


2020 has been a strange and difficult year thus far.  So, we want to use this October to honor the struggles, pain, and growth that have occurred this year, while also continuing with our mission to increase awareness of dysautonomia, and the everyday experiences of people living with dysautonomia. 

How to get involved

1401937498_SpoonieChallenge-04.thumb.png.f8c797169ed385e58da444941a078a45.pngWe are proud Spoonies!  
Spread awareness and have fun.   

  • Take a photo of yourself with a spoon on your nose (it's a lot easier than it looks!) and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #DINETspoonie and #SpoonieChallenge. If you aren't already following DINET, follow us on Facebook and our new Instagram page @DINETorg.    
  • Don't stop there - tag 3 friends to share the challenge with you and increase your chances to win.  The more you share, the further the awareness spreads! 
  • We will randomly select a weekly winner from all entries. Each winner will receive a custom DINET facemask (they're awesome!), along with a DINET tote bag.  

GRAND PRIZE - At the end of the month, a Grand Prize Winner will be selected to be the DINET Awareness Feature!  As the 2020 winner,  an article will be written about you and your journey living life with dysautonomia - how you were diagnosed, how your life has changed and the message you most want people to know about living with dysautonomia.  Your story will be featured on our website and our Facebook page and the story will become a permanent part of the DINET website.  The personal stories on our site are an important part of the support new members find when coming to our site for the first time.  You can be a part of that support and education.  

Anyone can enter and win the weekly challenge, however, if a friend or family member is drawn for the Grand Prize, the story and feature will be focused on the person living with dysautonomia.  

Follow us on Facebook

Masks for Awareness

masks.thumb.jpg.8c43fa6a12792f09f1d6b1379bffce10.jpgMake sure the only thing being spread this October is Awareness!  When you purchase a DINET mask on our website, you will be spreading awareness AND helping other communities at the same time! How? ALL of the proceeds from mask sales will go toward donating masks to organizations around the country that work with people who are chronically ill, have little or no health insurance, and/or have difficulty accessing healthcare. We have also committed to sharing vital information about dysautonomia with these organizations and their patrons so that undiagnosed people who don’t have access to specialized medical care may be able to learn about the condition and advocate for testing.  $10 per mask (Includes shipping)  Buy a mask today!

Living with Dysautonomia

We are so excited that we will be launching a new section on our website, Living with Dysautonomia, filled with TONS of tips, ideas, and support for addressing day-to-day aspects of living with dysautonomia. This October we will share at least 15 new articles filled with practical information about mental health, work, disability resources, service animals, emotional support IMG_YourNotAlone.thumb.jpg.5f8c147466b4703dffa61c0886dee065.jpganimals, technology, and education. 
AND our YouTube channel - Chronic Corner - will debut three new videos about different aspects of symptom management. If you haven't visited the channel yet, there are 18 original videos about POTS, other types of Dysautonomia, management and lifestyle issues. You don't want to miss it! 
Other things you can do to help
  • Help with a donation to DINET.  Your generous donations go towards providing our web services, maintaining our patient forum, providing printed materials, producing original videos, newsletters and multiple special projects to benefit the dysautonomia community and to help educate medical communities about dysautonomia.   There is no amount too small to be helpful.  Please consider a donation, it is greatly appreciated.  Donate today.
  • Print information from our website or request printed materials from us to give to medical professionals in your area, for support groups, for educators - coaches, school nurses and other people who interact with your teenage child and to give to family and friends to help them better understand your struggle.
  • Join or start a local support group or begin a private support group  online.
  • Participate in or begin a fundraiser for an organization or project that supports the dysautonomia community.
Whatever you choose to do, please reach out and spread the word.  

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