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Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2019



It's that time again to promote awareness and education wherever we can.  Let's face it, we are all dedicated to doing this 365 days a year, we don't need a special month to tell us to push awareness.  But it is a great reminder to consolidate our efforts and start reaching out in ways we haven't before.

NEW YOUTUBE FEATURE:  So for 2019, we have launched a new YouTube channel for DINET - with a feature called "The Chronic Corner".  Our Social Media Coordinator, Lauren Mlack, will be posting new videos every month, with topics ranging from the latest information about treatment options to understanding the many forms of dysautonomia to living with chronic illness.  There will always be something to learn, explore, share and question. 

DISCUSSION AND SUPPORT have always been at the top of DINET's priorities.  Whether you are more comfortable on Facebook or you prefer anonymous chats on our moderated forum, both offer you a way to connect with other people living with dysautonomia.  Discussions range from comparing symptoms, asking questions about others experiences with a medication or treatment option, to handling the stress of chronic illness and so many more.   You can read the forum anytime, but you do need to become a member if you want to join in the conversation.  https://www.dinet.org/forums/ or check out our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/DysautonomiaInformationNetwork/

INFORMATION GUIDES:  This is the time to share info with family and friends and help them understand what you live with everyday.  Share the link or scroll to the pdf link at the bottom of the page and print.  Share with people in the medical community who just don't understand the words on your chart like POTS, Dysautonomia, NCS, etc.   Also, if you would like to share information with a group, we have printed materials that we are happy to send along.  Please contact webmaster@dinet.org with the name of the group and the number of packets you will need. Please allow 2 weeks to receive your request.  

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