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COVID-19 Articles and Resources


COVID-19 Research: study conducted by Dr. Blitshteyn for Neurologists treating a variety of dysautonomia disorders.  Also, patient research conducted the Rare Disease Network for people living  with rare diseases, whether you have had any exposure to COVID or not.  Visit our Recruitment Studies page for info on both studies.

Statement from Dr. Peter Rowe, Director of Children's Center CFS Clinic, John Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine on COVID-19 and CFS and OI

Dysautonomia and Coronavirus - an article by Dr. Blitshteyn, one of DINET's medical advisers. 

COVID-19 Part 2 - Article by Dr. Blitshteyn, Director and Founder of the Dysautonomia Clinic.  This article tells you what to do now.

From DINET:  We live with chronic illness - tips for COVID-19 isolation  then join the forum to weigh in with your tips - POTS is like cabin fever

Important information you need to know about face masks

From the Global Genes and the Rare Disease Network

Government Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Education & Information

Financial Assistance 

Virtual Networking

Support Services

Mental Health

Talking to Kids

At Home Teaching Resources

Diagnosis, Treatments & Vaccines

Coverage & Benefits

Foundation Resources



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