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    DONATE...VOLUNTEER...SHOP ...DINET is a non-profit, 501C3, all volunteer organization.  That means that we are completely dependent on the generosity of the people who use the site or find what we do valuable. Read the "Why Donate?" section below to get an idea of just a few things we do to support and advance the DINET community and dysautonomia.  But we need support to continue to do what we do.  So we ask people to give something back throughout the course of the year.  It could be donating your time in some way by volunteering or making a donation yourself or fundraising for DINET.  There are many, many ways to help DINET keep going and providing the support and information that patients and caregivers need.  If you would like to volunteer, there are details about the process and opportunities on our Volunteer page   For the many ways you can make a direct donation or enroll in programs that encourage companies to donate to DINET, please see below. You can also help dysautonomia awareness by requesting printed materials or downloading information from the site to give to family and friends and even to your doctors who may not know as much as you do about this disorder.  Every time you educate another person and make the word "dysautonomia" a condition they understand, you are helping patients and families who are struggling to understand the changes in their lives.  And if you educate a medical practice, you may be helping someone else get diagnosed in half the time it took for you.  If you have any questions about volunteering or for more information about making a donation or would like to receive educational materials, please contact webmaster@dinet.org  Thank you so much for wanting to help.  There is a fit for everyone.  

    Why donate?

    DINET is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created and maintained by volunteers living with dysautonomia.GuideStarSilverSeal.png.ae99b1aba0ca21a65cb4b1630f9d46a9.png

    Together, we can fight dysautonomia. The Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET) provides support to patients and caregivers living with dysautonomia.  We are also raising awareness of autonomic nervous system dysfunction and promoting education for the medical community and patients.  

    Here are just a few of DINET's recent accomplishments:

    • DINET Dyscussions Speaker Series launched in October 2021 featured top doctors in POTS and Dysautonomia research and treatment.  
    • DINET's YouTube channel now features over 45 original videos about POTS and Dysautonomia
    • At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, DINET donated thousands of masks and educational materials to chronic illness organizations around the country to help spread awareness about dysautonomia and to help people stay safe.
    • DINET's most recent partnership is with the PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) and University of Pittsburgh's Story Booth project.  This project seeks to collect stories from patients and caregivers about the experience of living with dysautonomia, coping with illness and our interactions with the healthcare community. Learn more on our Studies page.
    • We are participating CHAMPIONS of the All of Us Research project recently launched by the National Institute of Health and the Rare Disease Network.  The project is working towards the enrollment of 1 million participants to advance Precision Medicine and enable Dysautonomia Researchers to have a database of patient information at their fingertips.
    • We have just completed the first phase of a member survey about the impact age has on dysautonomia symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis.  
    • Our site is continually updated with new research projects and news about dysautonomia and related illnesses and disorders. 
    • Our forum members are thousands strong and sharing daily about the struggles, accomplishments, treatments, and support inherent in living with dysautonomia. 
    • Our Facebook page is updated daily with information about living with chronic illness and important information about prescription meds, new treatments, and research. 
    • We have electronic displays of information about dysautonomia, POTS & DINET in thousands of neurology, cardiology and PCP offices nationwide
    • Our newsletters are being distributed to thousands of people across multiple platforms.
    • We have produced info packets about living with dysautonomia.  They are for specific audiences so the information is focused on the issues most important to that audience.  We have participated in multiple outreach events across the U.S. and plan to roll out our first Facebook Live event this October.
    • We will be expanding our outreach to medical practices further in the U.S. and internationally.  Our plan to translate key pages will assist us in reaching out to patients in non-English speaking countries as well.  We have started that outreach through our Facebook page with translations of our daily posts, wherever possible.
    •  and many other new projects during the course of the year.....

    How to Donate....

    No donation is too small and every donation is greatly needed and appreciated.  Please choose the way that best suits you from the options below.  Many thanks and appreciation from all of us.

    Consider a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)  A DAF benefits the charity and the donor through immediate tax benefits and ways to plan a donor's giving.  Take a look at the details of setting up a DAF

    If you donate on DINET's page through the PayPal Giving Fund , PayPal forfeits all fees so 100% of your donation goes directly to DINET.  You can choose to donate whatever amount you want. 

    Use Amazon Smile to donate to DINET each time you shop.  Amazon donates .5% of the total amount of your purchase to DINET. You get all the cool stuff you want on Amazon AND you get to help those living with Dysautonomia - we call that a win-win!  Here's how you do it:

    • Go to smile.amazon.com
    • Select Dysautonomia Information Network as your charity (you need to spell the whole name out to find us)
    • Shop as you normally would!

    You can donate by online check, debit or credit card through our page on Network for Good  

    Donate your birthday on Facebook to DINET! Birthdays are a great time to spread the love, and why not use this occasion to make a difference? Here's how you do it:

    And why stop at your birthday?  Ask for donations in lieu of gifts for holidays and special occasions. Do you feel uncomfortable when people ask you what you want for your birthday, Christmas, etc.? Instead of giving an awkward answer, let them know that you would really appreciate a donation to DINET! You could even formally request donations to DINET on invitations and gift registries.  Share our page links on Network for Good or the PayPal Giving Fund link to make the donation as easy as possible.  

    If you are the artsy type AND a do-gooder consider donating a portion of the sales from your Etsy Shop! You could also make Dysautonomia-themed products that include our teal awareness ribbon, supportive messages or products that could be used by those with Dysautonomia.  If you would like to use DINET's name or logo on any products you are creating, please be sure to get in touch with us first.  You can email webmaster@dinet.org    Go to https://www.etsy.com/help/article/4528 for more information about how to donate some proceeds from your shop. 

    If you shop elsewhere on the web, there is another way to donate. By registering with iGive, a specified percentage of your purchase will be donated to DINET. This service is free to you and adds no additional cost to your online purchase. There are well over 400 well-established online vendors who are affiliated with iGive. They include Apple Computer, Avon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Dell Computer, Discovery Store, eToys, Expedia, Gap, HSN, L.L. Bean, Lands End, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, QVC, etc. To see the full listing, click here: http://www.igive.com/html/malltour.cfm

    To join iGive, use the following link, as it will automatically set up DINET as your recipient: http://www.iGive.com/html/refer.cfm?memberid=279907&causeid=25053

    In order for your purchase to get credited to DINET, you must have started your purchase process via the iGive website. Even if you shop online only once, your donation will be added to those of every other DINET supporter. If you're going to shop online anyway, it's the easiest donation you'll ever make! If you have questions about the iGive service, please see the "Frequently Asked Questions" link on their site: http://www.igive.com/html/sitemap.cfm Once the link opens, go to the section marked "Tools for You" and then open the link labeled "FAQ".

    Become an Everyday Hero by organizing your own charity event! No event is too big or too small. In fact, we think these events are pretty AWESOME because they spread awareness about DINET while also raising funds to support those living with it. You could host a charity walk, bake sale or yard sale. We would love to see how you put your creative talents to use!  Visit everydayhero.com to get started.

    We all know there is power in numbers, so get your networks involved ! Ask your employers, churches, civic groups etc. If they do donation matching. Also, considering sharing DINET materials on company or community message boards 

    Help is also about staying apart of the DINET community and spreading our message. You can do this by staying engaged with DINET online . Here's how you do it: 

    • Follow DINET on Facebook
    • Like, comment and share our posts as much as possible! YOU are the ones that get our messages heard.
    • Join the DINET Community. Click the Sign up button on our home page.

    Last, but definitely not least, volunteer with DINET! Occasionally, we have openings for long-term volunteers, but STILL VOLUNTEER if you don't think you can make that kind of commitment! Join our Special Projects Team to volunteer on an as-needed basis. We will contact you when we have a project you may be interested in! Check available  volunteer positions at https://www.dinet.org/get-involved/volunteer/  Email webmaster@dinet.org  even if you don t see a position you want. We have new projects arise all of  the time! Share your ideas and time!

    You can also donate by check directly to our organization.: 

    Make checks payable to DINET and please let us know if you would like a receipt and mail to:

    Dysautonomia Information Network

    PO Box 10057

    Swanzey, NH 03446


    **DINET is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible according to IRS regulations.

    We appreciate your support!



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