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Going To Vandy Tomorrow!

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Hi all,

I am making the trip to Vandy tomorrow! YIPPEE! I am both excited and apprehensive. I'm excited because I am finally making the trip and I will be seeing some of the finest docs in the world for our condition. I'm apprehensive because I'm afraid I will get there and it will be a 'good day' and they'll tell me they can't find anything wrong and they can't help me! I'm also apprehensive about the trip. I have a very hard time making a long trip. I just don't do well. We live in Georgia, so we are planning to make the 4 1/2 hour drive up in the morning. My appointment isn't until 12:30 our time, so we should have plenty of time to get there. I would love to leave tonight and spend the night up there but I just don't think DH will be home in time. We may stay overnight tomorrow night since it will be a very, very long day!

Anyway, I have a couple of questions!

(1) If you've been to Vandy, can you recommend a good place to stay if we decide to stay tomorrow night? I want something that is CLEAN and NICE but isn't over-the-top pricey. I've heard several of the hotels offer a medical discount. Does anyone have any good experiences to share?? There is also the possibility that we may drive down to Chattanooga and then sleep. That's another option. Any ideas for Chattanooga?

(2) Any good tips for traveling? I haven't traveled in a good while and the last time I did, it wasn't pleasant and I wasn't prepared. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I tend to have problems with pain, dizziness and nausea the most.

(3) Are there any medications that you know to specifically avoid before testing? I know I'm not supposed to have any caffeine for 48 hours before or any of my regular meds for 3 hours before. I currently have a cold. Will any OTC meds affect the results that you are aware of?? I've read ALL the paperwork they've sent but they don't list anything specific.

(4) Can you tell me more about the Autonomic Function tests? What are they like? Is there anything I can do to prepare for them?

ANY advice, recommendations, comments and prayers would be greatly appreciated!



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Best of luck, Joy! I'm from Georgia, too and would love to someday go up to Vanderbilt. I'm anxious to hear all about your visit. Re. the OTC cold meds, don't do any. Things like sudafed, etc. can cause a variation in your HR and BP and mask problems. Please post and tell us everything when you're back.


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well I am not sure of what your appt is but in MOST cases for TTT and other ANS tests, some meds need to be out of your systems for DAYS (SSRI, some tranquilizers or even beta blockers) I would NOT take any cold medicine at all...you want TRUE reading of the tests and am shocked somebody did not give you the SPECIFIC RUNDOWN before your trip???

THings have changed since I communicated with them years ago but I ended up not making the trip...could not go off all my meds for a week and THEN travel and then go another week without meds. so, had my TTT closer to home.

ASK questions to all before your tests about meds and good luck!

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