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Someone Cheer Me Up!

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Okay so I am totally down and out today. Everyday I have symptoms from either IC or Pots. Headaches, tummy problems, bladder pain, dizzy, you get the picture. I think I have had one day in the past 4 months when I almost forgot that I have illnesses. I know many of you suffer way more than me and usually I don't get down about my situation. I have a great life but today I want to smash something or cry or yell but I feel too sick to do anything more than type. My husband is trying to help these days by giving me space and not putting "pressure" on me to be more romantic but the end result is that he pretty much leaves me alone. He is doing his best but right now I need a little tenderness! Kids, work, etc. these things are a good distraction but at the end of the day when I feel so headachey from all the activity I just want to crawl in a hole. I used to perk myself up with a quick run or a long walk. That's is certainly not happening these days. Plus there is always the worry of what the heck is really wrong with me anyway. Yes, I know the dxs but what do they mean in terms of my overall health and underlying causes? If I call my cardio with headache issues he doesn't know how to treat that. He didn't even know they were a symptom with pots. I have a appt with the neuro around here who is the expert but that isn't until Sept 08. It feels like it is too hard to cope AND advocate. Plus every friend has good intentions and tells me to try Juice plus or some other herbal supplement. One friend told me to call her chinese medicine dr in CA and for a 100 dollars he can cure me over the phone. Believe me I want a quick fix but I feel way to vulnerable to try anything that is not medically prescribed. I consume my salt and water and take my meds and sleep and try to rest and exercise when I can and still I feel like crap. Do you ever feel like flushing the meds and running into the woods screaming? Sorry to rant but this seemed like the best place to come to today. Thanks.........

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((((((Lina)))))) - lots of hugs for you.

I suspect that quite a few of us can identify with what you are feeling right now - that total frustration, anguish, anger, resentment, uncertainty. It makes you want to scream (sometimes screaming or crying might actually help, but not infront of kids!).

I doubt that I can say anything to make you feel better without sounding like the well intentioned friends, just know that we are here for you and this is exactly the right place to vent.

ssssssssssssssssssssssss - Lina letting off some steam!

take care,


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Sorry you are feeling so rotten and the waiting on new tests or ideas for new things is MADDENING ....I wish I had something to cheer you.

Please go to the Chit Chat board as I put up a slide show I made up some weeks ago of a band I know and photographs.

Hope the link works. Just wanted to provide a distraction! Happy Music but recorded by the band...not in studio.

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